10 signs you're turning into your mother It’s happened. Last week, when BB asked a question and my mum and I answered at the same time with the same words in the same tone, I realised there’s absolutely no getting away from it: I’m slowly but surely turning into my mother.

Not that there’s anything wrong with my mum – she’s definitely what you’d call a glamorous granny (pictured) – but I find myself saying and doing things she said and did when I was young that I swore I would never do. Like saying ‘play nicely’ and making homemade popcorn to take to the cinema because I can’t bring myself to shell out for the cinema version.

Even worse, when I sat down and thought about it I realised there’s not just one or two signs I’m turning into my mum, there’s a lengthy list.

So here it is – 10 signs you’re turning into your mother:

1. You say things like ‘we’ll see’ (which always means no) ‘I’m not going to ask you again’ and ‘there are children in the world who don’t have anything’. If I ever say ‘simmer down’ or ‘wind your neck in’ someone please shoot me.

2. You call the child you want to speak to the first few syllables of the name of everyone else in the house, including the pets, before eventually arriving at the right one.

3. When you sit down you find yourself sighing involuntarily, and – from nowhere – the words ‘that’s better’ sometimes even jump out of your mouth.

4. You start tucking tissues up your sleeve and lick them to clean a child’s face when out and about.

5. You start cutting the labels out of clothes.

6. You suddenly find magazines like Good Housekeeping a really interesting read (I’ve had a subscription and everything!)

7. You start using coupons in the supermarket and they even have their own special place in your handbag. You also find yourself overly excited to try this site to find the best discounts around at your favourite stores. What’s more, you get a satisfying thrill when the till beeps and deducts the saving.

8. You start storing the most miniscule pieces of leftover food in tubs and wrapped in cling film in the fridge, even though you know you’ll never use them.

9. You have no idea who the celebrities on programmes like Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity are.

10. You find yourself muttering ‘what a lot of rubbish’ when watching TV and listening to the radio.

So that’s it: my fate is sealed. How about you – are you turning into your mother? Or are you totally different?

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