ARE YOU LIVING WITH ONE OF BRITAIN’S WEANAGERS?I thought the terrible twos were the first tricky milestone we’re supposed to face, but apparently there’s a new one: the weanage years.

That’s the name Ella’s Kitchen is giving to the period of time between six and 12 months old when your baby starts to display some distinctive characteristics, like wearing more food than they eat and tipping everything onto the floor. Repeatedly.

So how to do you identify a weanager? Here are 10 signs your baby is a weanager:

1. Your baby won’t let you leave them, ever.

Weanager 1 (2)Most of the time I can’t even go to the loo on my own.

2. Your baby ends up wearing more food than they eat.

Weanager 2That’s baby led weaning for you. Not for the faint-hearted.

3. Your baby loves to empty stuff.

Weanager 3 (2)Over and over and over again.

4. Your baby puts EVERYTHING in their mouth.

Weanager 4 (2)Yep – that is those things you put between your toes to paint your nails. Yuk. I’m afraid I don’t have photo evidence of the cat food. Or cat poo.

5. Your baby does a great impression of you.

Weanager 5Not sure about this one – we don’t look anything alike at all.

6. Your baby becomes a big fan of dropping things.

Weanager 3 3Or in our case, throwing them.

7. Your baby will have a favourite food one week, then go off it the next.

Weanager 7 (2)Of course this always happens just when I’ve done a load of batch cooking featuring the new favourite food.

8. Your baby enjoys testing out their new pincer grip, even on you.

Things they don't tell you about breastfeedingRegular readers will know my nipples are testament to that.

9. Your baby starts spontaneously waving hello or goodbye. Finally! A characteristic that’s cute and doesn’t involve pain/cleaning/wiping/clearing up afterwards…although I haven’t managed to catch this on camera.

10. Your baby makes their mark on the house.

Weanager 10 (2)That’s one way of putting it.

We tick nine out of the 10 boxes so I think it’s safe to say I have a fully-fledged weanager.

How about you?

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