On the hunt for lockdown birthday ideas for kids? Want to try and forget the fact we can’t see family or friends, eat out or do any of the things we might normally have done to celebrate birthdays pre Covid?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

lockdown birthday ideas

As a family of six I’m surprised it’s taken this long to have a lockdown birthday in our house, but what with previously being allowed to meet outdoors and rules of six we’ve somehow managed to escape it – until now.

This month number three turns four and there’s no getting away from the fact hers is going to be a full scale lockdown birthday with just ourselves for company.

For that reason I want to make it as fun and as special as possible, so I asked some fellow parenting bloggers who have been there, done it and got the Zoom party to prove it for their best lockdown birthday ideas for kids.

So, if you’re in need of inspiration too here are 15 fun lockdown birthday ideas for kids – many of which will work for grown ups too! In addition, as a student, you may be exhausted in staying at home all the time so you can deal with psychology homework help online experts to help you out at any time.

15 fun lockdown birthday ideas for kids

1. Host an old fashioned tea party

“We had an old fashioned girlie tea party for my daughter’s 10th birthday,” says Vikki who blogs at Best Lodges With Hot Tubs. “She was involved in lots of crafts and baking in preparation for her party. Things we’d usually buy because our lives are so busy with work/school etc we have had time to make and have really enjoyed doing these things together. I’m certain she will remember the fun of creating these things and how special it was making all the party food and decs rather than the challenges of a lockdown birthday.”

2. Have a family movie night

“Set the living room up like a cinema, pull the curtains, get hot dogs cooking and some popcorn,” says More Than a Mummy’s Vicky. “You could also print off your own cinema tickets and put them in the birthday boy or girl’s birthday card.”

lockdown birthday ideas

3. Ask family & friends to send virtual birthday messages instead of cards

“Ask the parents of their friends to send little videos over on WhatsApp to say happy birthday with a joke,” suggests Jenny at Peak District Kids. “If you’re organised and got the time, perhaps compile these into a little video.”

4. Host a Zoom party on your TV

“Having family at a birthday is so important to make it special so we link our laptop or iPad/iPhone to the TV screen and invite loved ones onto a video call,” says Ben at Wood Create. “This makes them much more visible and prominent in the room. Whilst it’s still not quite the same it’s as close as we will get during this difficult lockdown period.”

lockdown birthday ideas

5. Organise a themed party

“My son is six in two weeks and we are having a Ninjago party, just the three of us,” says Jenni at Chilling with Lucas. “He ordered decorations, he has a full ninja costume and we are wearing ninja masks. We’ve bought Japanese snacks and are going to get sushi and noodles too.”

6. Have a lockdown disco

“Have a birthday disco with light-up balloons,” suggests The Mummy Stylist Sabrina. “Switch the lights off and dance to their favourite songs, throwing the light-up balloons around. My kids loved it so much!”

lockdown birthday ideas

7. Turn your living room into a circus

“The girls are obsessed with Big Top on Pop TV so we are going to decorate the lounge in circus effect and have all their favourite foods,” says DIY Daddy Nigel. “Although they will have no friends to the house we will make it special for them and Daddy may ride a unicycle!”

8. Book a professional virtual party experience

“I would highly recommend a Zoom party with Non Stop Kids,” says Talya at Motherhood The Real Deal. “My daughter had one during the first lockdown complete with entertainer and party games – much fun and giggles were had.”

lockdown birthday ideas

9. Hold a virtual class party

“My little girl is seven on Saturday and as she is really missing her school friends she is having a Zoom party with a few of them making slime together,” says A Suffolk Mum’s Issy. “We have made up party packs with a DIY slime set in a bowl and a little box of snacks that we will then be delivering to each of them on our daily exercise this week. It’s given her a great focus planning and putting all the kits together and something fun to look forward to on the actual day.”

10. Hire a hot tub

“We have a double birthday in three weeks and we have hired a hot tub for the weekend,” says Helen at Casa Costello. “We will have alarms going off at various points during the day when it’s time to open more presents.”

lockdown birthday ideas

11. Indoor camping

“We did indoor camping for my son’s lockdown birthday,” says Vicky at Free Time with the Kids. “We set the tent up in the lounge (we had to rearrange all the furniture) and had movie and popcorn in the tent and then bedtime stories.”

12. Hire an ice cream van

“I ordered an ice cream van for my son’s birthday last year,” says Loopy Lou Laura.

lockdown birthday ideas

13. Make a party poster

“I created a party poster which had all the party games and activities we had planned on,” says Helen at Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee. “My four year old could tick them off as we went down the list. It also gave them a distraction if we got to a stale moment. It really worked to focus everyone and helped with the four year age gap between my two boys. I tried to keep activities manageable and interchangeable to give us as much flexibility as possible.”

14. Hold a treasure hunt for presents

“We did a treasue hunt to find his presents which worked well!” says Single Parent Pessimist Cloo Lou.

lockdown birthday ideas

15. See it through their eyes

“I think it’s about making them feel like the day is all about them,” says Claire at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes. “Favourite treats, favourite take out for dinner, they get to choose a family movie. Sometimes we need to see it through their eyes and keep it simple. Putting some banners up, making a birthday cake, and time with us makes kids happy. Throw in some Lego and my two would declare it the ‘best day ever’.”

Have you had a lockdown birthday in your house yet? If you have any ideas for making it special I’d love to know what they are!

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