Want (or need) to bring in an income but also want to stay at home with your little one?

For many mums there comes a time, after the visitors have gone, the baby is no longer attached to you 24/7 and you’ve settled into some sort of routine, that thoughts return to work and the big question of What You’re Going To Do.

5 flexible jobs for stay-at-home mums

The trouble is juggling work and motherhood is no mean feat. For me it meant leaving my job as a newspaper news editor and going freelance, but being a stay-and-work-at-home mum has its pros and cons.

Luckily for me I could make my career work from home, but depending on your background it might not be quite so simple.

You might not be ready yet to leave your baby to go back to work, let alone jump into a full time job. Even the idea of spending time away from your baby can be stressful. The first step is to acknowledge these fears, and then face them.

So what can you do? There are many part time possibilities, whether you’re looking for jobs in big cities or smaller towns like Blackpool, for example.

5 flexible jobs for stay-at-home mums

1. Become a tutor. Depending on your background and areas of expertise, tutoring is a great part time option that can be done within the comforts of your own home or thanks to technology, via webcam. As a tutor, your schedule is completely up to you and you can work with your clients so that your hours spent tutoring balance well with your family time.

2. Become a blogger. Being a blogger is an excellent way to write about things that you are truly passionate about while making money at the same time. Have you come up with new kid-friendly recipes that you could share with other families? Or have you read lifestyle blogs and thought you have ideas you want to share as well? Blogging is great because you get to have a personal outlet while also being your own boss.

3. Become a social media manager. Lots of people use social media more times in one day than they can count: posting, commenting, liking, pinning, tweeting, and so on. Many companies are looking for savvy social media users who can improve their status by working on relevant newsfeeds.

4. Become a virtual personal assistant. There is indeed such a thing! Being an assistant does not mean being forced to physically be in an office. Many business owners, for example, have very busy schedules and need someone to take control of their appointments, or maybe their children’s appointments, e-mails, or even travel arrangements. All you need is your computer, good phone manners, time-management and organisational skills.

5. Become an online reseller. Did you know you can sell items online on behalf of other people? On every sell you get a percentage of the resulting amount. For example, eBay is the greatest platform to get started as an online reseller.

Have you changed or altered your job to make it work around family life? How do you make it work?

This post was written in collaboration with MJ, a second year journalism student based in Rome who specialises in travel, fashion, beauty, parenting & weddings.