5 photos I will never post on social mediaI was going through the camera roll on my phone the other day to delete pictures and make room for more when I discovered a number of photos BB has taken. They’re photos that I wouldn’t dream of posting on Instagram or Facebook, photos that haven’t been posed for or styled or had a nice flattering filter applied (Instagram can hide a multitude of sins).

My first instinct was to delete them, but as my finger hovered over the delete button I realised these are the photos I should be posting, the ones straight from the front line of parenting that show what’s REALLY going on. The living room that looks like a bomb’s hit it, messy beds, me looking like a bomb has hit me.

So for your entertainment, in no particular order, here are are 5 photos I will never post on social media (but probably should):

1.Photos I will never post on social media 1 (2)

A classic example of what you will find if you come round our house after the school run: me trying to work while Little B tips all the toys on the floor, empties the drawers of my desk and BB languishes on the sofa watching TV (or in this case taking pictures on my phone).

2. Photos I will never post on social media 2 (2)

Asleep on duty while breast feeding Little B with Misery Guts looking gormless in the background. Nice.

3. Photos I will never post on social media 3

Drunk Tipsy on duty (in my defence it was my sister’s 30th). Misery Guts says I’m so drunk tipsy I don’t even look like me.

4. Photos I will never post on social media 4 1

Another breast feeding shot. There are rather a lot of these.

5. Photos I will never post on socia media 5

Not sure what was going on here, but it wasn’t long after Little B had been born and my milk had just come in. I think I may actually have Facebooked this one, and received friend requests from some rather odd people – which is another reason for not posting such pictures on social media.

So there we have it – a snapshot of what really goes on behind my Instagram feed.

Are you guilty of cherry picking your social media pictures? Or do you show it how it is?

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