5 reasons why Christmas is better with kids featuredI don’t know about you, but since having children I do think Christmas is better with kids around. Admittedly there are drawbacks: being woken at dawn isn’t so good, day drinking can’t quite be the same as it used to be and you can’t just pass out on the sofa at 5pm having scoffed too much chocolate. But just like being a stay and work at home mum I’d say the pros outweigh the cons.

For me the last few Christmases have been a bit like being a child again, and BB’s excitement is getting increasingly infectious. So here are my 5 reasons why Christmas is better with kids:

1. Advent calendars. It’s only fair that there’s an advent calendar for each member of the family. Including the baby who’s too small to eat the chocolate in his. And the cats (= more for mummy).

2. Mince pie making. Ok, you might not want to actually eat the things after they’ve itched their bottom, coughed and spluttered and wiped the back of their hand across their nose while rolling the pastry and filling the pies, but mince pie making is definitely more fun with the ‘help’ of a small child.

Easy peasy mince pies 3

3. Toys. Lego has come a long way since I was little, and the Frozen castle is no exception. It’s got transparent snowflakes, tiny ice creams and Arna even has ice skates. Need I say more? Just like when my mum and dad gave BB my old dolls house last Christmas, I’ve been like a child in sweet shop playing with it putting it away after she’s gone to bed.

4. Films. This year we’ve watched the original Snowman, the newer Snowman and the Snowdog, Happy Feet and Mary Poppins, all of which I’m sure we wouldn’t have watched if BB and Little B weren’t around.

5. Kids chocolate. The gold coins Father Christmas left in the tree, the tube of Smarties he left in each of their stockings and the Cadbury selection pack from school. The children can’t possibly eat that much chocolate, so it’s only right I ‘help’ them out when they’re alsleep without them actually knowing it. I’d forgotten how moreish Smarties are.

Of course there are downsides too but on the whole I’d say Christmas is better with kids. Am I right or am I right?!

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