Ten years.

That’s how long Misery Guts and I have been married for this week – and it’s probably our most significant wedding anniversary yet.

wedding anniversary

We tied the knot on July 17, 2010 on the first Saturday after the World Cup finished (because there was no way I was going to be putting up TV screens at my wedding!) and 10 years on it feels like we ought to do something special to celebrate.

So, if you’ve got a wedding anniversary – significant or otherwise – coming up and are in need of some inspiration in this collaborative post here are 5 sweet ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

5 sweet ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

1. Choose the perfect gift

Gifts are always an excellent way to make any occasion more special. The great thing about an anniversary gift is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be great. For example, paper represents one year of marriage so for our first wedding anniversary I gave Misery Guts a toilet roll! Other ideas include a limited-edition recording of the song you danced to at your wedding, or a meal at the place you had your first date. If you’re looking for the male equivalent of a bunch of flowers, the Manly Man Co. was set up to cater for just that with bouquets of beef jerky (yes you did read that correctly!) ‘Man bouquets’ include everything from booze infused jerky gift boxes to pizza jerky gift boxes direct to your door.

wedding anniversary

2. Renew your vows

Renewing your vows is a great idea for a particularly important anniversary. If you’ve been together for 10 or 20 years, then it might feel great to organise a party with live music and stand up in front of your friends and say ‘I do’ all over again. That said, you don’t need to pick a standard year for a wedding renewal either. You might decide that you want to renew your vows on your 36th year together. It’s totally up to you to pick a time that’s meaningful to you and your partner.

wedding anniversary

3. Relive your honeymoon

If renewing your vows seems like a lot of work, then you could always take a slightly different approach. Relive the more relaxing part of your wedding by going back to visit the place that you went to on your honeymoon. If you can choose the same dates that you had for the holiday back then, even better. This is your chance to rediscover everything that you loved about your honeymoon when you were newlyweds, and also discover what’s new in the location such as the top restaurants to try in Salt Lake City right now. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to stock up on some more photos for your albums when you get back home. You can relive your honeymoon any year that you choose.

wedding anniversary

4. Recapture your first date

Going on your honeymoon all over again is an excellent way to remind yourselves what it feels like to be a pair of newlyweds. However, it’s a pretty expensive way to celebrate the big day. A more affordable alternative might be to go on your first date again. Pick the same restaurant and try to get the same table that you got for your first meal together. If you want the occasion to feel particularly special, you could try taking some extra steps like asking the company to play your song or cook your other half’s favourite meal.

wedding anniversary

5. Just relax!

Finally, remember that you can do whatever you want on your anniversary. There’s no-one holding you accountable for what you decide to do. Some of the most memorable times you have with your partner might also be the simplest. This could mean that you sit at home and order the food that you love the most from your favourite takeaway. You could even take out your photo album and go through all of your wedding pictures, or play the video that you got on that special day. Every day with the person you love can be memorable if you make the most of it!

wedding anniversary

This is a collaborative post.

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