World Book Day.

I don’t know about you, but those three little words are enough to make my heart sink and have me reaching for the wine.

5 things I hate about World Book Day

I know it’s designed to get kids reading and I know it’s a charity initiative all in a good cause, but my goodness I could do without it.

So I’m adding World Book Day to my ever-increasing list of things they don’t warn you about school, alongside half term hell and school run stress.

5 things I hate about World Book Day

1. It always seems to fall midweek, when everyone’s getting tired and ratty. Why can’t it be on a Monday so you have the weekend to prepare and the rest of the week to recover?

2. Meltdowns are inevitable. Itchy and scratchy costumes, hair styles they expect you to copy exactly and tails attached to bottoms – there’s bound to be a meltdown at some stage. And if it’s not them it’s you.

3. The expense. Ok so you don’t have to buy a costume – you could make one. But the fact is that making one a) probably wouldn’t be good enough in your little darling’s exacting eyes and b) cause aforementioned meltdowns – both mine and theirs. So spending £20 to avoid all this is a small price to pay. I’m just not looking forward to when we’ve got all three at school.

4. It can wreck your make up. Using eyeliner to draw on Tabby McTat’s whiskers because you were too mean to invest in proper face paints is a false economy.

5. The pressure. There’s no getting away from the fact their costumes are a reflection of your parenting skills. Or lack of. Even a TV clip entitled ‘5 no-sew World Book Day costumes’ managed to make me feel inadequate, with kids stepping out in intricately painted Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory costumes. I can just about manage a stapler.

Did you have to produce an outfit for World Book Day this year? Did you love it or hate it? I’d love to hear your view!

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