Almost £200. That’s the average cost of a newborn baby photoshoot in the UK if the latest research is to be believed.

And that’s before you’ve even bought any of the photos.

DIY baby photoshoot

As a mum of three I know how tempting it can be to capture the early days, weeks, months and years in every way possible way – I shudder to think how much I’ve spent over the years – but when it comes to photos there’s really no need to break the bank.

Thanks to the advent of smartphones, the birth of Pinterest and the fact we’re all increasingly tech savvy it’s possible to take the perfect DIY baby photoshoot in the comfort of your own home just by following a few simple tips and tricks.

Here photo expert Clare Moreton, from photo gift experts Cewe UK, shares her top tips for creating the perfect DIY baby photoshoot – without even leaving the house!

5 top tips for the perfect DIY baby photoshoot

1. Pick a theme

“Make a tick list of moments or poses you’d like to create with your baby and use sites like Pinterest for inspiration,” says Clare. “Then plan out how to style your moment. For example, start off simple with a nice fluffy rug and small accessories to scatter around your bundle of joy.”

DIY baby photoshoot

2. Choose a background

“Don’t overcomplicate things: often a plain background is the secret to an image with real impact,” Clare says. “Keep to neutral colours and unobtrusive patterns to get the most natural shots of your baby. It will also help any props stand out and ensure that despite your little one growing up quickly, your photo won’t become dated.”

DIY baby photoshoot

3. Play around with props

“Once you’ve mastered the basics, think about playing around with some props,” Clare says. “From pretty bows and crochet crowns to teddies and cute outfits, there’s a whole host of options when it comes to choosing the perfect props to style your shoot. Think about comfort, ease of use and of course colour.”

DIY baby photoshoot

4. Consider the lighting

“Lighting can make or break a photo shoot,” warns Clare. “Consider this before setting up, as the last thing you’ll want to do is move your sleeping beauty around too much and risk waking them up. Use natural light as much as possible by positioning them next to a window or in the garden if weather permits.”

DIY baby photoshoot

5. Remember, never wake a sleeping baby!

“The saying exists for a reason!” Clare says. “When it comes to styling your shoot, a sleeping baby is often easier and cuter to shoot. Capture your little one whilst they’re in the land of nod for cute pictures, without the stress of waiting for a ‘wind’ smile.”

DIY baby photoshoot

Have you ever had a go at taking your own baby or toddler pictures at home? How did it go? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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