I can’t believe I’m writing this but baby number four is now six months old!

It’s been six whole months since we welcomed our lockdown baby Violet Hope in April and I’ll be honest: in some ways it feels like we’re no closer to the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel than we were then.

lockdown baby

Like thousands of others who welcomed quaranteenies during lockdown there are so many firsts we have yet to do, things that pre-coronavirus were givens that we took for granted and didn’t even think about.

Of course the fact that Violet is baby number four hasn’t helped – we’re already a family of six so since the ‘rule of six’ came into force it rules out us being able to do anything with anyone else.

So, to mark Violet’s six month milestone – and because I feel like I should given all that’s happened this year – I thought it would be fun to share 6 wishes for my lockdown baby at six months old.

6 wishes for my lockdown baby at six months old

1. I hope you can get to know your grandparents soon. I mean really get to know them, instead of fleeting visits and snatched afternoons outdoors only involving half of the family so we don’t break any rules. I want to see you rolling around in front of their fires and enjoying bedtime stories and waking up at their houses.

lockdown baby

2. I hope you’re not walking before you get the chance to meet extended family and friends. Sadly, at this rate, I fear you might be.

lockdown baby

3. I hope I can take you to a mother and baby group soon. A real one with real people – not one involving my laptop on the living room carpet and Zoom.

lockdown baby

4. I hope we can have you christened before you outgrow the family christening gown. But until the rule of six is lifted it’s simply not possible.

lockdown baby

5. I hope we can throw a great big party for your first birthday six months from now without worrying about rules of six, social distancing, quarantining or contact tracing – and the only sort of bubbles we have to worry about are the sort that come in bottles that go pop!

lockdown baby

6. I hope you continue to be the light at the end of our tunnel whatever life has to throw at us – global pandemics included. You arrived at the darkest of times with the brightest of smiles and are a daily reminder of just how amazing life is.

lockdown baby

Have you or do you know someone who has welcomed a new baby during lockdown? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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