Bing DVD reviewWe’ve decamped to Dorset and the New Forest to grace the grannies with our presence over Easter. This year we’ve got an extra string to our bow in the activities stakes: a lovely shiny copy of the new Bing DVD.

For those of you unfamiliar with the CBeebies series, Bing is a bunny who gets into lots of mischief but his carer Flop is always on hand to help. Sounds a little on the simple and possibly boring side, but BB has always loved Bing so when we were sent the DVD to review I knew she’d be glued to the screen (pictured).

I often find an indication of whether a programme is going to be good or not is who’s doing the voices: Bing has got Mark Rylance (Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall) as Flop, and his measured, calm voice almost has BB – and Little B – in a trance.

There are nine episodes on the DVD, which was released on March 30 (£9.99) and comes with a ‘grow with Bing’ height chart. So far this Easter we haven’t actually had the normal TV on – all BB wants to watch is Bing.

I have no doubt that unlike BB’s chocolate Harry Hopalot, this bunny will last way beyond Easter.