If you haven’t already heard, then you soon will. This weekend Princess Charlotte will be christened – a day after Little B’s own christening. As a result my Flashback Friday offering is a post I wrote when Prince George was christened in October 2013, based on a feature I’d written about the royal christening for the Mirror newspaper:

Heirloom christening gowns aren’t just for royals

Heirloom christening gown 1Prince George makes his entrance into the Church of England today, which got me thinking about BB’s christening in July 2012.

Like Prince George, who will wear a replica of the royal family’s antique christening gown made in 1841, BB wore the same gown worn by my mum – her granny – and my grandpa – her great grandpa (pictured).

Sadly I didn’t get to wear the 92-year-old heirloom given that I was seven when my parents finally got around to organising my christening (seven! The experience is worthy of an entirely different blog post) and obviously it wouldn’t have fit.

But it fit my grandpa when my great granny made it for him in 1921 (pictured), and it fit my mum when she was christened in 1955 (also pictured).

Heirloom christening gown 3

Heirloom christening gown 2

And we’re not the only ones. After digging a little deeper I’ve found other mums who were also able to dust down family outfits for the big day – one of which is a staggering 129-years-old. I’ve written a story about them in today’s Daily Mirror which you can read by clicking here if you are so inclined…

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