A toddler girl cryingI feel like a really really crummy mummy. We’ve introduced a ‘naughty corner’ and the expression on BB’s face when she was first put there by Misery Guts will be imprinted on my mind forever (pictured posed by a model, by the way. I’m not that awful).

To be honest it’s been a long time coming: discipline up until now has been pretty much zero. Misery Guts has been banging on about a naughty step for a while, and when BB upturned a lunch I’d lovingly prepared for her and threw it straight on the floor it was the final straw.

Since we live in flat and have only one step (which is between two rooms and where she likes to sit to watch TV) a corner in the hall away from toys, CBeebies and anything vaguely fun was the only option. I was in a different room when Misery Guts deposited her there and I waited with bated breath, peering round the kitchen door, to see what would happen.

The poor little thing, head down and with bottom lip quivering, stood there like a lost lamb all alone in the world. It took all the strength I could muster not to take her in my arms and give her a big mummy kiss.

Amazingly she stood there for the full designated (by us) minute, after which she was told in no uncertain terms that she mustn’t throw her food on the floor and she must say sorry. And that was it: she was as good as gold for the rest of the day. Magic.

I might have to designate another naughty corner, for Misery Guts, on the other side of the hall…