Huggies style on the go 1What with my birthday, BB’s birthday and my dad’s birthday all in the space of a week August is always a busy time for us, and this year we’ve been making the most of the sunny weather by celebrating outdoors.

We marked my dad’s 60th birthday with a picnic in the garden and we’ve also made it to the beach several times. For my dad’s birthday we carried the kitchen table into the garden and what with vases of peonies and sweet peas picked from my mum and dad’s garden I now fancy myself as a bit of a food stylist! Misery Guts captured this shot of Little B under the table and I think it will definitely be one for his ‘my first year’ book.

Huggies style on the go 8

But the thing with picnicking outdoors is that the sink and sponge are a bit out of reach, so we’ve really been going through the wipes. Our new Huggies Style on the Go pouch has come in so handy (pictured) – it’s refillable and comes in three gorgeous designs so as well as being chic and stylish (Fearne Cotton’s got one, you know!) and matching my table theme (!) you can always keep wipes close to hand.

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It’s got a strap you can clip to a pushchair, bag or anywhere you need (I’ve been using ours to anchor our sun umbrella to the pushchair on the beach to stop it blowing away, also pictured) which means you don’t have to delve into the depths of the nappy bag with cake-covered hands in order to get hold of them.

Huggies style on the go 7

Like all Huggies wipes, the refills are made with natural absorbent fibres for gentle cleaning on the go and are free from perfume, alcohol, parabens and phenoxyethanol (chemical preservatives to you and me). I’ve really been thinking out the invisible ingredients in things lately, wipes included.

The flip-top lids also give easy access for little hands, so BB can help herself without me needing to fish out the wipes every time she needs them. She doesn’t even ask me for wipes now; she just heads straight for the pouch all by herself.

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That’s one less job for me, which has got to be a bonus!