I know, I know. Christmas is a time of sharing, of spending time with family and friends and being grateful for everything you have.

But the fact is I don’t want to see anyone this Christmas.

Why I don't want to see anyone this Christmas

I don’t want to see family and I don’t want to see friends either. Sorry folks.

I just want to stay at home with Misery Guts (who tends to not actually be that miserable, although there are exceptions) and the kids.

Bah humbug.

Why I don’t want to see anyone this Christmas

It’s not that I don’t love Christmas, I do – a scroll through my Instagram feed will show you that – it’s just that at almost eight months pregnant the last few weeks have been mental.

A big deadline just before Christmas, coupled with the need to work as much as possible before going on maternity leave, means I’ve been working all hours God sends – and I mean ridiculous hours.

The small hours, the witching hour – you’ll find me at my computer, bashing away with still not enough hours in the day.

Add to that the kids and all their demands – this is the last time I mention the projectile vomit fiasco, I promise – trying to keep the house in some sort of order and the fact Misery Guts has also been working all hours on his biggest work project of the year and it’s been tough, really tough.

Oh, and now I’ve come down with a stinking cold.

So I don’t want to play host to anyone at our house this Christmas. I don’t want to pack all our stuff into cases and cart Father Christmas presents to someone else’s house and back again either.

And I especially don’t want to be worrying about how the kids are behaving – either at our house with guests or at someone else’s house – when they’re stuffed full of chocolate and fuelled with Christmas cheer.

I just want to be. In my own house. On our own.

If that sounds anti-social then so be it. My advice is not to argue with a heavily pregnant woman.

Reading back over this post it’s occurred to me what all this is really about. Nesting. I think I might have started nesting…

Where are you spending Christmas day this year? Are you doing what you really want to be doing, or is there an element of trying to please others?

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