Is it possible to babyproof a marriage?Is it possible to babyproof a marriage? I ask because this week I read an article about a mum who schedules a ‘life AGM’ with her other half between Christmas and new year every year. They leave the children with grandparents and go for a scheduled ‘end of year walk’ in which they discuss life, jobs, happiness and contentment in a kind of annual appraisal.

I have to say I like the sound of the idea. Since becoming a mum of two and going back to work life for us has been manic, racing by at the speed of light. What with both of our jobs, the children and their demands and Misery Guts’s ultra-marathon training schedule sometimes it can feel like we go days without having a proper conversation.

It can feel like we lead completely different lives with totally different priorities: me juggling work with factoring time into the school run to buy requested donations for the school Christmas fair and him juggling work with factoring in time to spend with the kids and stick to his running schedule.

Is this the beginning of the end? Is our current lifestyle a recipe for disaster in the long-term, or just what happens when you have kids? Here we are on our wedding day in 2010, completely unprepared for how life would change over the following five years. I’m inclined to think that a relationship either has what it takes to stand the test of time life or it doesn’t, but perhaps it isn’t as black and white as that.

But there’s one thing I do know: it’s the little things that count.

Like the time Misery Guts had already left for work and I stumbled into the bathroom following a broken night with Little B and found ‘I love you’ written on the bathroom mirror in bath letters.

Is it possible to babyproof a marriage 3

Or the time he booked me in for a mum-to-be massage even though it wasn’t my birthday and Mother’s Day had already been and gone.

Is it possible to babyproof a marriage 4

And the countless times he gets home from work and sends me for a lie-down even though he’s been on the go all day too.

What do you think – is it really possible to babyproof a marriage?

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