Diet Coke breakWho thought giving up breast feeding would be so hard? Not me. I thought, if you let things roll, that babies just ‘gave up’ or grew out of it of their own accord. Silly me. I don’t think BB will ever grow out of it if left to her own devices.

So after two days in which no breast milk was consumed owing to the fact Misery Guts and I were away, giving up breast feeding has (once again) started in earnest.

Having read absolutely nothing on the matter or furnished myself with any kind advice, in a bid to avoid the dreaded mastitis or engorgement we’re going for a week of bed time feeds only, followed by a week of dropping those too. Is this the right way to go about it? Is this approach too hasty? Will it work? I haven’t the faintest.

We’re four days in and so far so good. I’ve stuck to the plan, which is a first since starting to give up breast feeding – five months ago.

As of Sunday all four, yes four, day time feeds have been dropped, and day one had to be the worst. The crying (BB’s, not mine) – big, bulbous tears cascading down the cheeks and off the chin – nearly got the better of me, but she soon forgot why she was crying in the first place. I did resort to offering her the remnants of a can of diet coke on day two (pictured). I know what you’re thinking, but it was all there was to hand. And what’s wrong with a diet coke break every now and again?

Then today we had a break through. Today, cradling a beaker of milk in one hand, she climbed into my lap, nuzzled in with her other hand, and drank the entire contents of the beaker without once rooting for my milk instead.