Giant LEGO storage brickSpring has officially sprung which means it’s time for a good spring clean (tidy house equals tidy mind and all that). There’s nothing more therapeutic than filling clear plastic bin bags with outgrown toys and packing them away, leaving great swathes of living and bedroom carpet visible for the first time in months. I know it won’t last and the lovely clear patches will soon be filled with new – infuriatingly bigger – toys, but that’s not the point.

Of course while some toys have got bigger the ones with Annoying Parts have got even smaller. Like letters that fit into jigsaws and plastic Winnie the Pooh characters (if I have to extract Roo from between my littlest toes one more time I will scream). Luckily has come to my rescue and sent us a giant LEGO storage brick (rrp: £22.95) which is just the ticket (pictured).

To coincide with the release of the LEGO movie, the company has launched a range of limited edition practical LEGO products including round, square and oblong stackable bricks and giant LEGO storage heads (the girl version even has red lips!) in a range of colours – so much more interesting (and fun) than the boring clear supermarket ones we’ve used up until now.

Misery Guts’ eyes widened when he first set eyes on it, imagining what we could build with say, 42, of them. (I have no idea where he got this number from). But one will do for me, and possibly two or three in time for our next spring clean.