If the very thought of conjuring up a Frozen cake fills you with dread, then read on.

It may sound like something best left to the professionals, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to produce a passable looking Frozen-inspired cake with a little help from good old Mr (or Mrs) Internet.

How to make a Frozen cake in 12 easy steps

Last year, when BB declared nothing but a Frozen birthday cake would do, I didn’t have the guts to attempt an Arna or Elsa, so I took the easy option and made Olaf out of fondant icing instead.

This year I was a little braver and attempted Elsa, and I thought I’d share how I did it for anyone else thinking of taking the plunge.

How to make a Frozen cake in 12 easy steps

I started by baking two chocolate sponge cakes, a 10” and an 8”, and filled them with chocolate icing.

I then covered the 10” cake in white fondant icing, and the 8” cake in blue fondant icing. I put the smaller cake on top of the larger cake (I didn’t bother dowling them) and covered the top of the smaller cake in white fondant icing to look like snow.

How to make Elsa out of fondant icing

Now for Elsa. I searched Pinterest for fondant icing Elsa’s and found this great example which I used as my template (what I mean is I copied it).

Pinterest Elsa

I started by shaping the base of Elsa’s skirt out of white fondant icing (don’t worry if you get bits of sponge in this, it’s not going to show) and I moulded the shape of her upper body in light blue icing on top of that.


I stuck a cocktail stick in the base and attached her to the top of the cake. I then added her skirt by wrapping a blue piece of fondant icing around the base.


And I added her bodice by wrapping a darker blue piece of fondant icing around the top.


I then added arms, hands, and her head (again skewered on with a cocktail stick – I didn’t bother with a neck as I wasn’t sure it would support the head), before adding her cloak in the darker blue fondant of the bodice.

Now comes the tricky bit: making Elsa’s face actually look like Elsa, which is easier said than done. I started with the hair, building it up with layers of rolled yellow fondant, before plaiting three rolls, attaching it at the back, and bringing it round over her shoulder.


I then made her eyes, nose and mouth out of white, blue, black and pink fondant, and attached those.


With Elsa complete it’s time to add the finished touches. First I trimmed the bottom of the smaller cake with little white snowballs.


Then I decorated both cakes with shop-bought blue and white snowflakes before adding a pink satin ribbon to the bottom cake, and of course the all-important candles.


Admittedly Elsa looks like she’s put on rather a lot of weight (she bears more than a passing resemblance to Shrek’s Princess Fiona) and it turns out the neck probably was quite important after all, but I don’t really think it matters.

BB loved it, and appeared genuinely blown away, and to see that look on her face was priceless.

So if you’d like to have a go at a cake but are worried you can’t, I say just do it: what’s important is that mummy (or daddy) made it and you had a go, even if Elsa/Princess Sofia/Superman ends up looking nothing like the picture you copied him or her from.

Who cares? There’s no such thing as perfect, anyway.

Have you ever made a character birthday cake? How did it turn out?

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