filedesc Monday’s post about a great woman being behind every man on a man diet got me thinking: mummy bloggers are pretty great too. We get lambasted for writing about raising children and domestic life – ‘reframing the mundane’ and ‘making up for long lost careers’ are just some of the criticisms I’ve seen levelled at us – but scrape the surface and mummy bloggers are behind a rich tapestry being woven in cyberspace.

Last week, while reviewing a Thomson Family Resort in Majorca (watch this space), I had the pleasure of meeting four bloggers with a hand in that tapestry, sharing the highs and lows of motherhood and inspiring the rest of us in the process. There’s Mrs Shilts, who started her weight loss blog in a bid to conceive Little Mr and who lost a whopping 58.5lb in the process; there’s Mummy and Boo who among other things chart their health hurdles after Boo’s premature entry to the world; there’s Mum on the Brink who is, quite literally, on the brink with three multilingual monkeys to contend with, and bluebirdsunshine, whose photographs – often of her baking endeavours – are good enough to eat.

Reframing the mundane? I don’t think so. Offering the rest of us a helping hand through motherhood? Definitely.

Take a look and, like me, be inspired on this chilly Monday morning in late September.