My Own Fairy review 1Doesn’t the idea of your very own fairy door complete with its own tiny key sound enchanting? The three year old in me came bursting out when gift company My Own Fairy got in touch to see whether we’d like to review one of their beautiful wooden fairy doors – would I? If only my Flower Fairies had had one of these!

The idea is you’re giving a ‘real’ fairy a home by attaching the door (£19.99) to a skirting board, window sill or shelf at home or in the garden. You decorate the wall around the door with stickers (£7.99), lay out tiny stepping stones (£3.50), put the key by the door and wait (not one of BB’s virtues).

When the key is gone in the morning and fairy dust decorates the stepping stones (glitter is part of the pack) it means the fairy has moved in, which has got to be about as magical as it gets when you’re three.

BB bought into the whole idea in an instant, carefully taking our toadstool decorated fairy door out of its box and deciding where it should go (pictured). Of course she asked the inevitable – ‘why doesn’t the door actually open?’ – but was happy enough when I explained we had to pretend, and by bedtime the excitement was palpable.

But when it came to actually climbing into bed she went a bit quiet, and a little while after I tucked her in a small voice came from her bedroom: ‘Mummy I don’t think I want a fairy coming in to my room when I’m asleep.’

So it was back out of bed, light on and a complete relocation of the door, stepping stones and key to the hall instead. Sure enough, the key had disappeared by the morning (safely stowed in my jewellery box) and there was the glitter fairy dust (which is a bit of a bugger to hoover up, so I left it).

She’s been telling all her friends at preschool that she has a fairy, and when we went on the website and she realised there are a host of different styles of door (featuring ladybirds, bumblebees and footballs), not to mention extra fairy dust she now wants more than one.

You can even join a Fairy Club. There’s nothing like a bit of make believe to fire the imagination. Even I’ve been wondering what our fairy looks like…

My Own Fairy is offering Crummy Mummy readers a FREE set of stepping stones (worth £3.50) when you order a fairy door and stickers. Just enter the code ‘FREESTEP’ at the checkout.

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