Is it ok to kiss a child on the lipsI don’t mean any child, I mean your child. I ask because this week I read a story about a psychologist who claims kissing a child on the lips is always wrong, no matter what their age.

Whaaat? How can kissing your soft-skinned, sweet-smelling baby on their big fat podgy lips be wrong? When we teach children how to kiss it’s all about puckering up our lips and encouraging them to do the same – surely kissing is all about the lips, isn’t it?

But then I read the comments to the story and it seems I’m in the minority in thinking there’s absolutely nothing wrong with kissing your children on the lips. ‘Totally disgusting’, ‘WRONG’ and ‘I feel sick’ were among the responses (admittedly this was the Daily Mail).

I’ve always kissed both BB, aged four, and Little B, aged one, on their lips because it just seems so natural. When I tuck BB in bed at night she leans in for a kiss and a cuddle and it would seem odd to avert my face and proffer my cheek instead. Perhaps we should air kiss ‘mwwaaah’ style instead.

The thing is, if we were never to kiss our children on the lips, what would that be teaching them about affection and how to show your feelings? I’m sure that could emotionally scar them far more than a simple peck on the lips.

Of course, in true Daily Mail style, this story did feature extreme lip kissing – mums kissing their teenage sons and dads kissing their adult daughters, but all I could see when I looked at the pictures was plain, honest love.

It might sound icky on paper, but a picture says a thousand words.

What do you think? Is it ok to kiss a child on the lips?

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