Drum roll please…we’ve had a makeover!

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed we’re sporting a brand new header at the top of the blog featuring all five members of our newly expanded family for the very first time!

Our new look

The new design by the ever talented Ellie Illustrates includes Littlest B, who was born on Valentine’s Day and who you’ll find sitting on my lap in the new illustration.

Our new look starring our Valentine’s Day baby!

Crummy Mummy new look

We live by the sea and I love how we’re captured on the beach – our old header featured our allotment which regular readers will know is no longer a family affair after everyone except me got bored and I turned it into my own personal bolt-hole.

I’m actually really sorry to say goodbye to our old design and I felt quite sad taking it down.

The old header captures a certain time in our lives and represents so many happy memories – I might have to frame it and put it up somewhere at home to remember it by!

Crummy Mummy old header

But at the same time I love our new look which I think captures each of us perfectly and shows how our family is growing.

Do you blog and have you had a makeover recently? I’d love to hear what you think of our new look!

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