Illustration of Peter Rabbit eating radishes, ...There is much excitement in the crummy mummy household ahead of the start of a whole series of Peter Rabbit on CBeebies. Not from BB, but from Misery Guts and I. With the exception of Postman Pat, I believe this will be the first genuinely new series to be aired on the channel since BB was born in August 2011. Almost two whole years ago.

I realise these are times of austerity, the licence fee doesn’t stretch as far as it did and children love repetition, but two years watching the same programmes over and over again? Even BBC2 in the daytime isn’t quite that bad.

Further research (by me) has revealed Peter Rabbit & Co aren’t the only newbies BBC bosses are drafting in to keep us sane. Would you believe it Topsy and Tim are soon to grace us with their presence too. I think there’s much to be said about looking to the past to shape the future. The one I’d really like to see is The Village With Three Corners.

But I’m not complaining. If the BBC’s move to Salford has left more pennies to help shape the nation’s next generation, Peter Rabbit and Topsy and Tim are just fine by me.

But a word of warning: before you gorge yourselves, don’t watch them all at once. It could be another two years before we get a fresh helping.