Playmobil crane review Forget Cayla the talking doll or anything Frozen related this Christmas: a Playmobil crane beats both hands down.

The remote controlled crane has been the top toy in our house ever since it arrived a few weeks ago, and not just for the little kids: the big kids love it too. While BB and her friends have been using it to hoist Polly Pocket up and down (pictured), visitors including BB’s uncle and granddad haven’t been able to resist seeing what they can pick up with its moving plastic hook either.

At £59.99 it’s not exactly a stocking filler, but I think it definitely makes the grade in terms of longevity. It’s got a little Playmobil man in a top box ‘operating’ the crane (pictured) and a hand held remote control (also pictured) which can make the crane itself move in a 360 degree circle and the pulley go up and down, left and right.

I’m sure the boffs at Playmobil never intended Polly Pocket to enter the equation – as well as hoisting her up and down BB also gets her to tight-rope walk across the top of the crane – but the fact is it really appeals to her imagination and has been played with daily, instead of something she’s tired of after a couple of days. It’s such an important toy she even hides the remote control in her pink handbag, so only she can operate the thing.

And even better, I’ve no doubt that it will appeal to Little B in time. Assuming BB doesn’t first try to hoist him up and down too…

We were sent the Playmobil crane free of charge for the purposes of review.