Week 28Week: 28

Waist: 37 inches (-0.5 inches…again!)

Feeling: Coming down with a cold, worst luck

The quest for decent maternity clothes continues. When I was expecting BB in 2011 there was a plethora of inspiring ranges to choose from, and I remember having to rein myself in to curb the spending. What’s changed? Last month I ordered four tops from H&M – nothing fancy, several vests and a ‘smart’ top – but the fabric was so thin it was virtually transparent so I sent them straight back again.

Instead I’ve spent the last few weeks in a (non-maternity) maxi dress from Peacocks, which is just the ticket in this hot weather. Sadly this isn’t going to see me into autumn though, and it was while pondering this that I stumbled upon what actually appears to be a nice selection of affordable outfits to house my growing bump. And you’ll never guess where from: Asda. That’s right, you did read correctly.

George at Asda now offers a complete range of maternity wear from leggings and bras to tops and dresses, and these are just some of my faves:

Believe it or not all three of these – the maxi dress, T-shirts and floral print dress are just £12 each. Each. And they’re not made of transparent material, either.

Although I do our ‘big’ shop online through Asda once a week, it simply wouldn’t have occurred to me to hunt for maternity clothes at the same time, let alone add them to my basket along with the milk and bananas. And while they’re well represented in BB’s wardrobe, supermarket clothes aren’t something I’m au fait with.

I think it’s high time to get better acquainted…

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post