Week 39Week: 39

Waist: 40 inches (no change)

Feeling: In the mood to spoil

I’ve spent my first week of maternity leave thoroughly spoiling BB, knowing it could be the last week it’s just the two of us at home.

I’m probably setting us up for problems with the level of spoiling that’s gone on, and as predicted, it’s been a fairly busy week. We’ve been to the park, the library, baked, eaten the products of our baking and this afternoon we’ve got a hotly anticipated trip to the cinema.

This morning, with BB safely stowed at pre-school, I also had a pre-labour pedicure so my feet are now officially ready for the delivery suite (when I had BB I had one foot firmly wedged on the midwife’s shoulder, so thought it best to safe than sorry).

Coincidentally I shared the beauty salon with another pregnant lady and a 70-something retired midwife (having a manicure on her 50th wedding anniversary – hope I’m doing that on my golden wedding) so you can imagine the line of conversation.

She dished out advice left, right and centre, but it was her parting shot that stuck in my mind. ‘Just remember,’ she said sagely, ‘babies survive in spite of us.’