Got some garden furniture in need of a bit of TLC? Want to give it a new lease of life but never seem to find the time?

Then read on!

garden furniture

If you’ve got furniture that’s seen better days then you’re not alone: until recently we were the owners of two wooden benches on our allotment – one for children, one for grown-ups – and despite oiling them regularly, after five years outside the weather had taken its toll and they really were looking rather sorry for themselves.

I’d been meaning to do something about them for ages – as you do – but what with the thought of paint brushes and undercoats and drying time, not to mention three kids, it was a job I kept putting off. Until Spanish aerosol paint brand Pinty Plus got in touch to see if we’d like to take on a little gardening project.

With everything from chalk paint to acrylic paint to blackboard paint in a can, Pinty Plus promise just 10-15 minutes drying time between coats, no drips and no need for brushes – all reasons why I was putting off giving our garden furniture a makeover. They charged us with the task of transforming our benches using their paint, and with all my reasons for not getting around to it taken away there was no more excuses!

Revamping our garden furniture with Pinty Plus spray paint

For outdoor furniture Pinty Plus advised us to go for their quick-drying and hard-wearing Evolution gloss collection, which is actually suitable for indoor as well as outdoor projects and comes in a rainbow of colours at £8 per 400ml can. We settled on signal white for our grown-ups’ bench and for a bit of fun, and because I love bright colours, telemagenta (aka bright pink) for the kids’ bench, finished off with varnish for extra protection from the elements.

garden furniture

As well as wood you can use the paint on pretty much anything: metal, stone, paper, cardboard and some plastics, with one 400ml can covering two square metres. There’s no need to fork out £8 per can though: multi-buy deals of three, six, 12 or 72 mean the more you buy, the cheaper it is.

I set to work on the kids’ bench first, making sure the wood was clean and dry and free from cobwebs before painting.

garden furniture

I was surprised how easily the paint went on – there were no drips at all – and it took three coats of pink, leaving 5-10 minutes between coats, to complete the colour.

garden furniture

Then all I needed was one coat of varnish and job done!

garden furniture

I then did exactly the same with the grown-ups’ bench.

garden furniture

This took more time owing to the fact it’s bigger, but again I needed just three coats of colour to transform it from worn wood to signal white.

garden furniture

Once again, all it needed was a spray of varnish and the transformation was complete!

garden furniture

I painted and varnished both benches in same time it took Misery Guts to light and cook eight sausages on the barbecue, mainly owing to the fact there was no fiddling around getting paint brushes between the wooden slats and waiting for it to dry.

I’m really pleased with how the benches turned out – what was dull, tired looking garden furniture now looks bright, cheerful and loved, and all it took was one Saturday afternoon’s work.

I was slightly concerned with the number of empty aerosol cans we were left with – eight – but they are recyclable as long as they’re completely empty, and after checking with our local council I can take them to our local recycling centre to be dealt with.

Do you have some garden furniture in need of some TLC? Have you ever tried aerosol spray paint before, and if not, could you be tempted? I’d love to hear about your experience!

We were gifted the Pinty Plus spray paint and varnish featured in this post in exchange for review. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience, and I would never recommend a product I don’t truly love myself.

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