Outdoor Games 1Living in a fourth floor flat means being able to run through a door into a garden isn’t an activity which features in BB’s usual routine. So when we decamped to my parents’ house in Dorset while they were sunning it in Spain for two weeks BB thought all her Christmases had come at once.

She pram pushed (pictured), she scootered, she ran barefoot in the grass, she watered the plants and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the great outdoors, leaving CBeebies mercifully switched off for almost our entire trip, which has got to be a holiday in itself.

With her 3rd birthday falling slap bang in the middle of our holiday and with the garden at our feet it was the perfect opportunity to throw a birthday barbecue and try out a set of garden games we were sent by Two Little Fleas, who are encouraging families to spend more quality time together by playing outdoors this summer.

With an archery set, giant Connect 4 and a limbo game to keep the kids entertained I dusted down our wedding bunting, bought a giant number 3 balloon (twice – the first blew away) and whipped up an Eton Mess (yes I did make my own meringue in case you were wondering) with fresh rose petals from the garden while Misery Guts took charge of the barbecue (pictured).

BB and her friends and cousins didn’t need much encouragement. To my surprise – I expected the novelty to wear off after the first game – the games kept them absorbed for hours, with the Connect 4 proving a particular hit (pictured).

Even better, such games can be used time and time again. All three fit nicely into the boot of the car, so if – like us – you don’t have a garden you can always throw them in the boot and head to your nearest park instead.

I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Family Game Day Campaign