SamplesTwo weeks after committing (online) Tesco suicide, things are going swimmingly with Asda. Not only does the weekly shop now arrive on time and in date, it is cheaper and so far has come with one of my favourite things in the whole wide world: free samples.

These appeal to me on a number of levels:

1) They’re free

2) They come in the cutest, minniest sizes you’ve ever seen. Think Honey I Shrunk The Pantene

3) They are trussed up in equally miniature bags, often featuring a bow

This is the little stash (pictured) which arrived this week: eight tubes of Colgate toothpaste and five sachets of stir fry sauce.

Of course they can’t possibly be used. Because they might come in handy one day. Like the miniature pots of Sudocrem, the tiny tubes of Johnson’s and a hessian pouch of cotton wool balls that came in the hospital bounty pack when I had BB. All of which are in the drawer under her cot, still in the little bags they came in.

The Colgate has now joined them, while the stir fry sauce is next to the cutest jar of saffron (the tiny cork is simply to die for!) in the kitchen cupboard.

I sadly lack the ability to save Important Things, like money, chocolate or wine, but when it comes to samples I’m the hoarder next door. I can’t wait to see what Mr Asda brings next week.

Is booking the next shop for Saturday, instead of Monday, too early do you think?