Things that have gone wrong this week (2)You know when you have one of those weeks where everything just seems to go wrong and nothing goes quite right?

Well I’ve had one of those.

In fact it’s been one of the longest weeks I can remember, and feels like it started at least 10 days ago.

Here are the things that have gone wrong this week:

1. A bird pooed on my head and I didn’t notice. Misery Guts spotted it in my hair when he came home from work. How long had it been there? An hour? Four hours? All day?

2. I went to parents’ evening with a big dollop of toothpaste on the front of my jumper. In hindsight, I was wondering what the teacher kept glancing at. There’s a theme here isn’t there – I ought to actually look in the mirror every now and again.

3. Little B was sick on me not once, not twice, but three times. And I don’t mean a bit of spit-up – we’re talking proper vom that saturates clothes, seeps into crevices, requires the entire bed to be stripped at 3am and stinks.

4. BB’s pneumonia got so bad she had to be admitted to hospital. I probably should have put this one first but technically this happened last week and carried over into this week.

5. All of the above means I’ve drunk too much wine. Again.

Oh well. I’ll be better next week. Honest.

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