What your nappy bag says about youCath Kidston, the Boots free one or a designer tote you’ve turned into a changing bag: it turns out a nappy bag says a lot more about a person than just their choice in bags.

I had this epiphany when model and new mum Ruth Crilly did a ‘what’s in my mum & baby bag’ vlog last week. Like me she carries a Huggies Style on the Go pouch for her wipes, but the similarities end there. Her ‘good old trusted’ Mulberry bag contains more make-up than nappies and at least half of the contents are items for her rather than the baby.

This got me thinking and I looked around at my friends and realised their nappy bags actually say a lot about them and their personalities. So I’ve put together a tongue-in-cheek guide to what your nappy bag says about you:

1. The Cath Kidston. The Cath Kidstoner’s love of matching items extends far beyond the matching changing mat and bottle holder that comes with the bag. Bunting probably features somewhere in their home and they love list-making. The bag’s numerous separate compartments appeal to their sense of order and everything having its place, and each compartment is neatly packed. This is me.

2. The Boots parenting club free one. This nappy bag owner loves a bargain and simply can’t see the point in shelling out £50 or more for a dedicated changing bag when you can get one for free. They also love vouchers, especially the ones you get in the Advantage Card booklet which they cut out and keep in one of the pockets of the bag. The fact the bag is plain black and can be used by hubby is also a bonus.

3. The designer tote. The owner of the designer tote is adamant that being a mum won’t change their style. In fact the tote is surprisingly roomy – bigger than some of their friends’ who have gone over to the purpose-made side – and easily holds everything for baby and mum. But after rooting through the bottom of the bag in an unsuccessful attempt to find the hand sanitiser for the umpteenth time a teeny tiny part of her admits compartments might be useful. And there’s no getting away from the fact that all traces of puke would now be gone from a purpose-made oilskin or machine washable one.

Of course there are probably more nappy bag personalities, but I think it’s fair to say my friends fall into these three.

What nappy bag personality are you?

If you’d like to know what else fellow Huggies brand ambassador Ruth Crilly carries in her bag here’s her vlog:

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