While you were sleepingIt never fails to amaze me what it’s possible to achieve during afternoon nap time. This week, between the hours of 1pm and 3pm, I have:

1) Given four wooden chairs two coats of paint

2) Washed, folded and put away five loads of washing

3) Sorted out the household budget for the month

4) Written three blog posts

5) Had a nap myself

6) Saved the world (ok, I made that one up)

And that’s not all.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve said to myself ‘You’re knackered. Today you’re going to sit down with a cup of tea while BB’s having her nap’. This never happens, because there are always so many things it’s so much easier, and quicker, to do when she’s not there.

Which got me thinking. There must be an army of mums across the country, the world even, who after clearing away the lunch things and settling their pre-schoolers in their cots spin into action and accomplish all manner of weird and wonderful tasks in just two little hours.

So I googled ‘things to do when babies are napping’. The very first page to come up suggests ‘what to do while you’re waiting for your baby to wake up’. Waiting? Are they insane? Who on earth ‘waits’ for their baby to wake up? It then goes on to suggest five fun activities to do during this ‘boring’ nap time.

This is not good news. Are we really perceived as as lazy and unimaginative as that? I bet truly amazing feats, which go unnoticed by the rest of the world, are accomplished after lunch every day of the week.

And if we all banded together, we probably really could save the world.