If you’re on the hunt for Easter gifts that’ll last longer than chocolate and that they can play with again and again then this is one for you.

We were very kindly gifted a ZURU Smashers Easter bundle to review including a Dino Ice Age surprise egg, four mini surprise eggs and two Dino Ice Age assortment packs.

ZURU Smashers

If you haven’t come across ZURU Smashers before they’re smashable eggs that kids can throw, smash, build, collect and trade.

The larger eggs come with dinosaur feet already trying to break their way out while the smaller eggs are completely sealed giving no clue as to what is inside.

ZURU Smashers Dino Ice Age surprise egg review

If you’ve got or know a dinosaur-mad child the ZURU Smashers range is guaranteed to be a hit and is a great alternative if you’re looking for non-chocolate Easter eggs.

ZURU Smashers

The large Dino Ice Age surprise egg comes with 25 activities inside including stretchy snow, crystal slime, frozen slime and a dismembered dinosaur – much to Max’s delight!

ZURU Smashers

Different parts of the dinosaur are hidden in different parts of the egg including inside the slime and in the middle of a bath bomb, and the aim of the game is to uncover all the parts to build the dinosaur.

ZURU Smashers

The ‘mini’ eggs are smaller versions of the large Dino egg although they’re not actually all that mini – think the size of a traditional chocolate Easter egg. These contain 10 pieces including a mini surprise egg, a mini smash egg, a collectors’ guide and the stretchy snow and crystal slime.

ZURU Smashers

The range also includes eight-packs of the smaller rebuild and resmash ZURU Smashers, each containing a collectible dinosaur. There are more than 50 to collect and they also come with a slime surprise inside.

ZURU Smashers

How much do they cost?

Stockists include Smyths Toys where the Dino Ice Age Surprise Egg costs £19.99, and the mini surprise eggs and assortment packs are £9.99 each.

ZURU Smashers

Our verdict

Regular followers will know I’m not a fan of slime because it gets everywhere BUT the Smashers slime sticks together so you won’t have blobs falling off and sticking to carpet and soft furnishings.

ZURU Smashers

There are lots of little pieces once the eggs have been smashed (the range is designed for ages five and up) so you do need to be careful if you’ve got a crawling baby like us – and especially if your older ones are smashing the eggs on the floor.

I liked the fact the parts to build the dinosaur toy in the large Dino Egg were hidden in different components including a bath bomb, because it meant Max actually wanted to have a bath for once, instead of having to be persuaded!

ZURU Smashers

If you’re looking for non-chocolate Easter eggs I think these are a great alternative because they’ll last a lot longer than traditional chocolate eggs and they can play with them again and again. I also liked the fact the eggs can be rebuilt and smashed again, so you’re not simply throwing away lots of plastic.

Have you come across the ZURU Smashers range before? I’d love to hear about your experience!

We were gifted all of the items featured in this post. As always all opinions are my own and based on our own honest experience.

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