How do you keep a baby’s bedroom cool at night?

When the weather hots up there’s nothing worse than being kept awake by a hot sweaty baby (for them or for you) or being kept awake by the fact you’re worrying about them sleeping safely.

ways to keep your baby's bedroom cool at night

We live in a south facing block of flats and when the mercury rises so does the temperature indoors, not helped by the fact we’ve got three kids sharing one bedroom.

So how can you keep your baby’s bedroom cool at night and be safe in the knowledge they’re sleeping safely? I asked 10 mums for their tried and tested hints and tips.

10 easy ways to keep your baby’s bedroom cool at night

1. Keep windows, blinds and curtains shut during the day. “The temptation is to fling the window open, but this actually just lets warm air in making the room hotter,” says Sally at The Happy Home. “If you keep them shut and the blinds down whilst the sun is out the room will stay cooler. And then as evening draws in open the windows for a bit before bed to let the air circulate.”

2. Change their bedding to lighter fabric. “We switch their duvets for a lower tog and replace their flannel sheets with cotton,” says Laura at Five Little Doves. “There’s nothing worse than having them wake you up at 3am to tell you they’re sweaty!”

ways to keep your baby's bedroom cool at night

3. Ditch the duvet. “We use the duvet cover only without the duvet in it as our little one still sweats with a low tog duvet,” says Victoria at The Growing Mum.

4. Invest in blackout blinds. “We have blackout blinds fitted in the kids’ bedrooms,” says Victoria at Lylia Rose. “I keep the south facing windows’ blinds shut during really hot sunny days to keep the room cooler.” (If you’re not a fan of the blackout blind look Direct Blinds have some fab made to measure curtains in patterns including hedgehogs and toucans you can use to dress the window).

ways to keep your baby's bedroom cool at night

5. Get an air purifier. “We use the Dyson TP04 Air Purifier,” says Jayne at Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs. “It’s great for cooling down the rooms and filters allergens such as pollen, which is fab as my eldest suffers from hay fever.”

6. Move their cot or bed away from the window. “We rearrange the furniture so that the bed is further from the window and the light shines in the toys instead of the bed,” says Terri at The Strawberry Fountain.

ways to keep your baby's bedroom cool at night

7. Cool down hot windows. “Our childrens’ bedroom windows face south west and get really hot,” says Janet at Falcondale Life. “We wet the windows, either by sponging them on the inside or by using the hosepipe on the outside. It’s quite effective on glass that has been in the sun and makes a difference to the room temperature.”

8. Soak a bedsheet in ice cold water. “When it’s mega hot, I cover a bed sheet with ice cold water for them to cover themselves with (one likes it sprayed on, the other likes hers soaked!) and then put the fan on which seems to help,” says Kate at Confessions of a New Mummy.

ways to keep your baby's bedroom cool at night

9. Place frozen bottles of water in front of a fan. “My top tip is to fill some empty bottles with water and freeze them, then put these in front of your fan,” says Beccy at Raucous By Nature. “It helps circulate cool air instead of just the warm air getting pushed back round.”

10. Keep windows open during the day. “I like to have my son’s window open during the day when I can so it doesn’t get too hot of an evening,” says Sarah at Just Buttons Blog. “When it’s his bedtime I can then push the window shut so the noise outside doesn’t wake him up but it’s still cool (as no one likes a toddler who wakes up to a loud car honk!)”

ways to keep your baby's bedroom cool at night

Do you have any hints or tips for keeping babies and kids’ bedrooms cool in summer? I’d love to hear what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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