Almost three million. That’s how many private leasehold flats the UK government estimates there are in England, and ours is one of them.

Apparently flats now account for one eighth of all homes in England alone, and with the global population predicted to rise from 7.6 billion to 9.8 billion by 2050 the chances are more and more of us are going to be living in flats instead of houses.

reasons to live in a flat

We’ve lived in our flat for six years now (see below – that’s our block behind the beach huts) and having also lived in a flat as a child I’m a big fan of apartment-style living and having everything on one floor.

So what’s so great about living in a flat? We’ve teamed up with Deacon Insurance, specialists in buildings insurance and associated products for flats and apartments, to bring you 10 great reasons to live in a flat!

10 great reasons to live in a flat!

1. The view. If you live in a block of flats the chances are the view will be better than it is in a house, or somewhere smaller. We live on the fourth floor of our block of flats and have views over the English Channel at the front and the South Downs at the back.

2. There’s less responsibility. Where we are, the heating and water is on a shared system, so we never have to worry about dealing with a broken boiler or blocked drains. There’s also no need to worry about guttering or dealing with a property-related emergency because it’s all taken care of by the managing agent.

reasons to live in a flat

3. The security. Being on the fourth floor it would be impossible for anyone to break into our property from the outside. And if they were to get past the security doors and break into the building, the chances of them picking our flat in the middle of the block out of 48 others is pretty unlikely. If you live in a ground floor flat or a smaller block of flats you could consider installing a house alarm for added peace of mind and to protect your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

4. You don’t need net curtains or shutters. If you’re not overlooked then there’s no need to take any measures to stop anyone seeing in. Unless you have a particular penchant for net curtains, that is!

reasons to live in a flat

5. You can do the overlooking. Which is brill if you’re a nosey neighbour like me! Trust me, you see all sorts.

6. There are no stairs. Which means no awkward spaces to vacuum, no steps for people to dump things on and no need for stair gates for little people.

reasons to live in a flat

7. The light. The higher up you are, the better the light gets because there are no trees or neighbouring buildings casting a shadow over yours. So great if you work from home and need good light for artistic purposes like me.

8. The sunrise and sunsets. You get to see them in a way you just don’t in a house or smaller property.

9. You can lie in bed and look at the sky. Enough said.

10. You could live in an architectural work of art. Have you seen the Bosco Verticale in Milan? It’s made up of more than 20,000 trees and plants and the concept is being copied all over the world. If they built one in our neck of the woods I’d definitely love to live in it!

Do you live in a flat and can you relate to any of the above? I’d love to hear about your experience!

This is a collaborative post.

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