‘Get a proper job’.

That’s what one reader told me in response to a post I wrote about whether bloggers are exploiting their children.

10 reasons blogging IS a proper job

Blogging isn’t my sole source of income but it does account for an increasing chunk of my earnings, and I certainly think of it as a job.

I pitch, I design, I create, I manage, I edit, I negotiate, I collaborate and I work under contract, which I believe earns me the right to use the title ‘freelance journalist & blogger’ at the end of an email.

I thought long and hard about how to respond to the reader in question, and this is what I said:

‘If creating a brand, building a platform on which to showcase that brand, attracting a loyal and engaged audience resulting in household names paying to reach that audience and running and managing that platform isn’t a ‘proper job’ I’d love to know what is!’

Yet the fact is that this person isn’t alone. Many people, as well as not really understanding what it is a blogger actually does, don’t view blogging as a ‘real’ job either.

So I asked some fellow bloggers who also monetise their blogs why they consider it a proper job, and this is what they said.

10 reasons blogging IS a proper job

1. “We’re head of creative content, we’re marketing managers. We’re in charge of IT AND accounts. And sales. And if things go awry we usually have to take the blame too. We’re multitasking geniuses.” Tracey at Pack the PJs.

2. “Negotiating, collaborating, creating, planning and learning. Blogging definitely is a proper job if you make it into one.” Irina at Wave To Mummy.

3. “I’m using my business head every day to build and further a brand. It’s my job and brings in a part-time wage and allows me to look after my son, so a win win.” Nadia at Scandi Mummy.

4. “I have skills that other people don’t that mean brands want to employ me and I get paid. Often I earn more than I did teaching. How is it not a proper job?” Danielle at Someone’s Mum.

5. “If freelance journalism is a job then how can anyone say blogging isn’t, essentially it’s the same thing. Except bloggers have to build their own brand and put out all their work and grow their own audience!” Chantelle at Two Hearts One Roof.

6. “I just gave up a ‘real job’ to blog full time as I am making enough money from blogging to do so!” Lauren at Belle du Brighton.

7. “If it’s paying my mortgage, it’s a proper job! In the same way that a journalist is paid to write, or an editor, or photographer, is paid to do their job, this is my job and it’s bloody hard work!” Laura at Five Little Doves.

8. “Just because it is not a standard 9-5 job working for someone else doesn’t make it any less of a job!” Katie at Living Life Our Way.

9. “By law you have to register as self-employed. Employed = job, no?” Frances at Whinge Whinge Wine.

10. “It’s really simple – do you do tasks in exchange for money? Then yes, it’s a job!” Nyomi at Nomipalony.

Indeed the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of a job is:

‘A paid position of regular employment, a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid’.

Which in my book makes blogging a ‘proper’ job.

We might not be saving lives or changing the world, but we’re putting food on the table for our children who may well go on to save lives and change the world.

Do you think of blogging as a proper job? Are you a blogger and do you earn an income from yours? Has anyone ever told you blogging isn’t a real job?

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