If you are constantly bored at work and feel like you need a new challenge this collaborative post is for you.

It’s easy to think that a new job is the perfect solution, however, if you’re a busy parent it’s often not as simple as being able to spend hours working on your CV or applying for jobs online.

job hunting tips

Our duties pull us in a number of different directions – often all at the same time! – and it’s important that we approach the process of job hunting strategically so we can find the right things to apply for, but also balance our responsibilities.

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So, what should we think about when it comes to applying for a new job?

3 simple job hunting tips for busy parents

1. Have a job search strategy

It’s easy to spend hours idly scrolling on job sites looking for something that suits us when in fact what we need is to be far more calculated.

It’s far better to focus on the roles that match your skills and interests, but also to establish if there are opportunities for you within a specific industry that you can work towards.

For example, if you’d like to work in law there are a number of different disciplines including family law, which could be a far more suitable approach based on your day-to-day life. There are companies that you can approach to get a better insight on this type of career, such as the Beyond family lawyers team.

If you have a strategy in place, this means you’ve got something you can stick to. Job hunting can easily take over our lives – instead, be calculated in your approach.

job hunting tips

2. Make time to apply & prepare

You might find dozens of jobs that you want to apply for, but time is of the essence, especially with different deadlines for those applications. The best approach to ensure that you can apply for the ones that you want is, very simply, to have a number of templates ready to go.

You will notice after a while that when you find specific types of jobs, they will invariably cover 90% of the same things. Make life easier for yourself by having numerous templates ready to go such as your covering letter and application answers.

Additionally, make sure that you have the time to prepare for interviews. Typical job interview questions will come up time and time again, especially about how you demonstrate leadership or problem-solving skills.

Think long and hard about your shining examples and reuse all of them, because you will be able to go into those interviews far more confidently, which will then mean you are more relaxed.

job hunting tips

3. Don’t panic!

So many people panic about job interviews, but by being prepared you have the opportunity to put your personality across. Applying for new roles can feel overwhelming when you are a busy parent, but if you’re strict with your time and with the right preparation you can make life easier for yourself and find the perfect role.

job hunting tips

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