Bored at work and constantly checking the clock, praying for the day to end?

If that sounds like you you’re not alone – we’ve all been there, and the good news is there’s no need to suffer in silence.

ways to make time go faster

What if there was a way to speed up your perception of time and make your work day more enjoyable?

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In this collaborative post here are 8 practical ways to master the art of making time fly!

1. Avoid being a clock-watcher

Ever feel like the clock’s hands are stuck when you’re eagerly waiting for your day to end? It’s tough not to glance at the ticking time when it’s flashing everywhere – your computer, phone, watch, or even that big old clock in your workspace.

The trick is to avoid being a clock-watcher. If you have a clock on your desktop, cover it. Store your phone out of sight, leave your watch at home, or maybe even cheekily disable the wall clock. Stop obsessing over how long that proverbial pot takes to boil!

ways to make time go faster

2. Lose yourself in your work

Have you ever been so wrapped up in an activity that you completely lost track of time? That’s called being in the ‘flow’. This state of total immersion comes when you’re tackling something demanding yet enjoyable. When you’re fully absorbed, you won’t even feel time moving. It’s a bit like a magic trick where time disappears when you’re super engaged instead of being exasperatingly tough.

Set a clear aim for your task. Give it a difficulty level – something that’s not a walk in the park but won’t leave you tearing your hair out either. For instance, if your job involves entering data into spreadsheets, challenge yourself to finish it faster than usual.

Also, cut out any interruptions. Once your flow breaks, getting back in the groove can be a tough act. Many find a pre-flow routine helpful. This could be anything from switching off your phone, hiding it, getting your music playlist on, outlining your goals, taking a calming breath to diving right into the task. With your mind wholly occupied, you’ll be surprised how quickly it’s time to clock out.

ways to make time go faster

3. Make a habit of it

Have a structured day, and see how time speeds up! A well-planned routine increases your output and speed because it saves you from constant decision-making about what to do next. Doing the same tasks regularly, like checking your inbox or submitting your daily report, puts your brain on cruise control. And when you’re cruising, you’re less likely to feel the slow crawl of time!

Get into the habit of doing repetitive tasks at the same time each day. Once you get used to this rhythm, you’ll be surprised how much faster your day goes. The key here is consistency. Make it a part of your daily grind, and watch how swiftly time flies when you’re not keeping an eye on it.

ways to make time go faster

4. Make a daily action plan

Start your day with a game plan: a checklist of tasks you need to tackle. Not only does this give you a head start, but it also steers your focus away from the ticking clock. Adding priority tags to your tasks helps, too. Knock out the toughest tasks first and you’ll find ticking off items from the list gives a motivational boost, making the day seem to whizz by.

5. Play free games

Playing games can be a great way to pass the time, such as playing aΒ card game online. One of the best ways to pass time is to get into what is known as the flow state. Games can be a great way to do so and get engaged in your current task. Free bets and free online games can be a great way to do this – check out the selection of free bets here.

ways to make time go faster

6. Engage & collaborate

While it’s important to keep work your priority, remember to have a bit of fun, too. Office gossip, light-hearted banter – they may seem time-wasting but they’re crucial for fostering team spirit. Plus, they’re a great way to make your day go faster.

Whenever possible, team up with a coworker on a project. It’s a fun way to get things done. And just because you’re working remotely or easily distracted, it doesn’t mean you can’t engage in a video call or disturb your housemate, partner, or pet every couple of hours. Trust me, it’ll make your workday more enjoyable.

7. Break down daunting tasks

Boredom can slow down time. And nothing’s more boring than a giant, two-hour task looming over your head. It’s challenging to stay positive when you see a huge task as one mountainous hurdle.

The solution? Slice it into manageable 30-minute segments you can spread throughout the day. And here’s a pro tip: tackle these intimidating task portions early in the day, before moving on to easier ones. It not only makes the mammoth task less intimidating but also keeps the rest of your day breezy, making time seem to fly!

ways to make time go faster

By putting these strategies into action, you’ll find that your workdays zip by faster than ever. Each strategy can be implemented immediately, helping you achieve a perfect work rhythm while making the most of your time. Remember, the goal isn’t just to keep busy, but also to maintain a positive, productive, and engaging work environment.

8. Divide your day

Try dividing your day into manageable time slots assigned to specific tasks. This system makes your day seem less daunting and speeds up the perception of time as you know exactly what lies ahead. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the prospect of a full day’s work, focus on bite-sized, 20-minute tasks. You’ll be amazed how swiftly your day passes!

ways to make time go faster

This is a collaborative post.

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