When was the last time you went on holiday with your parents?

Last year? Ten years ago? When you were a child?

travelling with your parents

We often holiday with our parents, and we’re not alone if the latest research is to be believed.

Ageless travel is on the up with 20% of us going on multi-generational summer breaks, and almost half of us have holidayed with our parents at some point since turning 18.

Of course, there’s no getting away from the fact that once you become parents yourselves more hands make lighter work on the childcare front, but interestingly the number one reason for holidaying with parents is that we enjoy spending time with them.

So, if you’re toying with the idea, in this collaborative post here’s 4 reasons why travelling with your parents is actually a great idea!

4 reasons why travelling with your parents is actually a great idea

1. It’s a chance to spend quality time together

Parents are the people we probably know best in the world, but there is always more to learn. Travelling brings with it so many new experiences including new foods, new activities and new people. While you can discover a lot about yourself, this can also be said about each other. As you go through the highs and lows of travelling, you’ll get to know each other better than before, learning what kind of things you and your parents are willing to try as well as what experiences have shaped you to be who you are. If you haven’t lived with your parents for a while, it’s also a great way to reconnect and find out what you’ve missed in each other’s lives. (If you’re in need of inspiration on where to go, check out this great article).

travelling with your parents

2. Safety in numbers

Travelling alone can be daunting and dangerous (when I travelled solo to Morocco to see Misery Guts cross the finish line of the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara Desert my parents were watching me on google location sharing!) and if you can’t find friends to go with, why not invite your parents instead? There is strength in numbers and the more you have others around you, the more likely you are to try new things and discover new places. (Don’t forget medical insurance for you and your parents whilst travelling. Staysure.co.uk provide insurance even for those with pre-existing medical conditions, and those over 50, meaning you can travel safe, knowing you have insurance in case of emergencies).

travelling with your parents

3. It’s an opportunity to give something back

If you can afford to, travelling with your parents is the perfect way to pay them back for all the holidays they have taken you on. Not only do they get to experience new cultures and places, but they get to do so with their child. You are never too old to travel, so getting your parents out there could do them the world of good, and you too. It may be that your parents never got the opportunities we have now to travel, so make sure they get to experience the world with you.

travelling with your parents

4. It’s a chance to create new memories

Travelling is a great way to form new memories, especially with parents. Sometimes family reunions can come with added stress, especially when staying in people’s homes and faced with cleaning up, cooking and hosting others. Travelling takes the stress of all this away and allows you to choose activities you all want to do, making new memories that will last a lifetime in the process.

travelling with your parents

Have you been or considered travelling with your parents as an adult? How did it go? Or can’t you imagine anything worse? I’d love to hear your point of view!

This is a collaborative post.

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