Planning your next family holiday?

Want to make sure the destination you choose is super safe as well as family friendly? Then read on!

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After a two-week staycation in the UK this year we’re looking into travelling abroad next year. It will be our first foreign holiday as a family of five, so we want to make sure the destination has something to offer the whole family as well as being safe and family friendly.

The question is, where in the world is the safest place to travel for a family holiday? And what’s on offer when you get there?

4 of the safest places to travel for a family holiday


Most of Italy ticks the boxes when it comes to family friendly holiday destinations, and arguably the must-see city is Rome, where we travelled with the littlest one last year.

With countless historical sites of interest, the amalgamation of old and new makes Rome one of the most exciting cities in the world. From the ruins of the once mighty Colosseum, to the spectacular beauty of the Trevi Fountain, you can’t turn a corner without stumbling across something breathtakingly spectacular. The city itself is easy to get around with kids in tow, and the hotels and restaurants pride themselves on being family friendly too (our hotel even came with a teddy bear for the baby’s cot!)


Although South America has a reputation for violence, Chile is in fact the most peaceful nation in the continent and in 2017 the country ranked 24th in the Global Peace Index Rank.

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Aside from heightened levels of safety, there’s plenty on offer – from trips through the Atacama Desert, to the Torres del Paine National Park. With sand dunes, thick forests, golden beaches and icy glaciers, there’s something for the whole family.

The West Indies

The tropics of the Caribbean are a natural beauty unparalleled by most other areas across the globe. Famed for their lush sandy beaches, several spots in this part of the world offer retreats which are specifically tailored to family travel.

family holiday

Travel insurance specialists Holidaysafe point to Jumby Bay, a 300-acre private island off the coast of Antigua, as one of the best locations in their pregnancy travel guide, where they cater specifically for young families and expectant mums. Think in-room spa treatments and being waited on hand and foot!


The archipelago of Malta is located roughly halfway between the island of Sicily and the most northern coast of Africa, and Popeye Island is the perfect destination for families.

family holiday

A mini adventure park originally created to be used as the set of the 1980 film of the same name, starring Robin Williams, after filming the location was converted into a family-friendly theme park. Water slides, boat rides and swimming are all on offer for a safe and fun family holiday.

Have you been to any of these destinations? Is there anywhere else you’d recommend? I’d love to know where!

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