Forget chocolate. Come Easter Sunday there’s going to be plenty of that when the kids open their eggs (and let’s face it, it’s not like they notice if you break a bit off when they’re not looking).

If you’re on the hunt for a gift us mums will really appreciate this Easter, how about a little something of the grape variety.

Easter gifts

When you think about it, a classy wine gift is the perfect balance between thoughtful and useful – and the chances are it will last way longer than the chocolate too.

So, in this collaborative post, here are 5 alternative Easter gifts for wine-loving mums!

5 alternative Easter gifts for wine-loving mums

1. Mummy milestone wine labels

If you haven’t come across mummy milestone wine labels before these custom labels can be personalised and pasted onto a wine bottle of your choice. Whether it’s baby’s first tooth or her first meltdown, they make for the perfect memory of a milestone event – just search on Google or Etsy where you’ll find lots to choose from, including downloadable printable ones too!

Easter gifts

2. Octavian wine storage

For true vino connoisseurs, Octavian is the finest wine cellarage service in the UK. Located at Corsham Cellars, around 100 feet below the Wiltshire Hills where over 100,000 private collectors, merchants and investors keep their wine, the vault is a safe and ideal storage environment to protect wine and have it properly mature. And if you want to cash in on some prized bottles, Octavian offers photographic records of your wine collection, making it ideal for selling.

Easter gifts

3. Wine Food book

Written by Dana Frank and Andrea Slonecker, this book (currently £13.29 with 30% off at WH Smith) proves that wine is a lot more versatile than we think. With over 75 recipes for vegetable dishes, brunches, salads, dinners, feasts and picnics, each and every one of them is perfectly paired with a specific wine. Each recipe features a detailed overview of the wine that inspired it, followed by a paragraph explaining how it complements the textures and flavours of the recipe. Additional resources such as a wine flavour cheat sheet and a guide to wine tasting are included, all with beautiful photography and illustrations.

Easter gifts

4. A new wine glass

Whether it’s a glass that’ll take a whole bottle (that’s my sort of wine glass!) or a trendy stemless version, there’s nothing like a new wine glass (or two) to put a smile on your face!

Easter gifts

5. Cabernet sauvignon wine making kit

These all-inclusive kits allow you to make delicious Napa Valley Cabernet anytime, anywhere. And what’s more, they contain everything you need to make your first gallon (that’s five 750ml bottles!) of wine.

Easter gifts

Bonus: Wine club membership
Wine club membership is amazing, it is a gift that keeps on giving. If you need help finding a great wine club, go to this site.
Are you a wine-loving mummy or daddy? Do any of these gift ideas tickle your taste buds? I’d love to know which ones!
This is a collaborative post.

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