Putting together an Easter basket or two – (or three in my case)?

Wondering what to put in them without spending too much money? Then I have just the thing!

Easter basket

I’m not quite sure when Easter baskets became a thing – we didn’t have them when I was little – but they’re certainly a thing now.

A bit like Father Christmas, my kids now think the Easter bunny brings not only chocolate eggs, but presents too.

Of course it’s all my fault for indulging them, but there’s only so many years they’re going to believe in the Easter bunny so I don’t mind going along with it.

This year I set a budget of no more than £10 per item, and in fact the most expensive thing in their baskets comes in at £6. So, if you’re in need of some inspiration here’s what I’m putting in the kids’ Easter baskets this year.

Easter basket gift ideas for under £10

1. Paint-your-own Easter bunny door

I love the idea of this! Perfect for at home or outdoors.

Easter basket

2. Fluffy notebook

If you’re the owner of a stationery lover they’ll love this – it’s got fluffy ears and everything!

Easter basket

3. Bunny ears

Because who doesn’t like a pair of fluffy ears?

Easter basket

4. Tulip windmills

An alternative take on the traditional windmill, these tulips from Chad Valley are perfect for a spring garden (or allotment).

Easter basket

5. Sunflower seeds

Super easy to grow (trust me, they thrive on neglect) sunflowers are the perfect flowers for kids to grow from seed.

Easter basket

6. Bunny & chick biscuit cutters

Because I couldn’t resist and secretly want them for myself!

Easter basket

7. Chocolate lollipops

You can’t have an Easter basket without a bit of chocolate, and if you’re a mum of three like me these are currently 3 for 2 at Marks and Spencer.

Easter basket

Are you putting together Easter baskets this year? Do you have any other ideas? I’d love to know what they are!

Easter basket

I bought all of the items featured in this post myself. We were not gifted any of them and I am simply sharing them for anyone else putting together Easter baskets too!

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