It’s no surprise that more of us are working from home since the pandemic, but did you know that of that number 17% of us are said to be working from our bedrooms?

The number of ‘bedoffices’ (yes that is an actual word!) being created up and down the country is on the rise if the experts are to be believed, as we redesign and revamp our homes to adapt to the way we’re living now.

bedroom office ideas

If you’re a regular follower of the blog you’ll know Misery Guts and I both work from home, and have done since before the pandemic, and as anyone who works from home with a partner or loved one will tell you having your own space is vital!

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I have a desk area in the corner of our sun lounge and we also have a desk in the living room, but the reality is that when the kids are home from school and nursery one of us often ends up retreating to the sanctuary of the bedroom.

We’re also a family of six living in a 2-bedroom flat with 4 kids, which means we don’t have the luxury of lots of space or a dedicated home office away from the living areas. Every inch of available space counts, and every item in our flat has to earn its place. If it doesn’t, it has to go!

If you don’t have the luxury of a separate home office either, the fact is that if you’re working from home you’re going to have to make certain areas as multi-functional and flexible as possible. The question is, how can you do that and still maintain that all-important work-life balance?

In this collaborative post, here’s what I’ve discovered!

5 bedroom office ideas for the perfect work-life balance

1. Separate the areas

Creating different ‘zones’ is essential for a successful bedroom/office set up. On the one hand you need a productive workspace, and on the other you also need to be able to relax and unwind at the end of the working day. One simple way to separate the areas in which you work and sleep is by using a cube storage unit or simple cotton panel as a room divider. We’ve done this successfully in various rooms of our flat and it’s an effective and inexpensive way to separate areas without breaking the bank. Try to create two working zones: one for relaxation, and one for work.

bedroom office ideas

2. Storage is key

If you need to clear space to make way for a bedroom office area storage is key. For example, an Ottoman bed is a great storage solution because it allows you to keep everything from books and clothes to extra bedding inside, freeing up space elsewhere in the room. The same goes for a Divan bed, which can come with drawers underneath for that all-important storage. You could even use one of those drawers to pack away paperwork and paraphernalia from your desk so you don’t have to look at it when the working day is over. You could also consider a foldable desk or lap desk that you can store away when not in use.

3. Think carefully about where to place your desk

For example, do you really want to be looking at your bed while you’re working? Is there a window your desk could go under instead, meaning you can enjoy the view out and also benefit from natural light? Or perhaps you prefer to face the wall? It’s well worth considering the best location for your desk to get the most out of your new space and to help ensure your productivity levels remain high.

bedroom office ideas

4. Keep office furniture to a minimum

The chances are a desk is a must, but do you really need a great big metal filing cabinet taking up valuable space in the bedroom? If you do, is there a sleeker and more stylish alternative you could invest in to keep the room less ‘officey’ instead? The same goes for smaller items like pen pots and notepads – clear away the clutter and remember: less is more!

bedroom office ideas

5. Think about lighting

Getting the lighting right is really important because although you might need plenty of light to work during the day, you don’t necessarily want the same kind of light in the evening when you’re relaxing or trying to go to sleep. Dimmable lights are ideal because you can turn them up or down, as are anglepoise-style lamps which you can twist and turn to illuminate a specific area.

bedroom office ideas

Bedoffice dos and don’ts!


  • DON’T fall into the trap of working in your bed – it might be tempting, but research shows working in bed can disrupt your natural sleep patterns as we subconsciously start to associate our bed with being awake and alert.
  • DO think outside of the box when it comes to clever storage solutions like ottoman or divan style beds to keep clutter to a minimum. There are all sorts of sizes and styles to choose from to suit your space and your budget.
  • DON’T stay in your pyjamas – experts agree getting dressed even when you’re working from your bedroom has positive connotations for productivity and preparing for the working day ahead.
  • DO remember to organise your workspace, take regular breaks, and tidy up your work area at the end of the day so your bedoffice is ready to be a bedroom again.
  • DON’T let work creep into your home and relaxation time. Like separating your work and sleep areas, establish clear boundaries between work and sleep by starting and finishing work at a set time. Once you’ve set yourself a timetable or schedule, don’t forget to stick to it!
  • DO remember to put all your devices to sleep before bed so you can switch off and get a good night’s sleep before your bedroom becomes an office again in the morning.
bedroom office ideas

Do you work from your bedroom and do you have any top tips for maintaining the perfect work-life balance? I’d love to know what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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