Easter has been and gone, the weather is starting to improve and many of us are spending more time in our gardens at long last.

With summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your property summer ready.

summer ready

There are many clever things we can do to get our homes summer ready, some of which also add value and make our properties more appealing to potential buyers.

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From UPVC window spraying to low-maintenance gardens, in this collaborative post here are 8 clever ways to get your property summer ready!

8 clever ways to get your property summer ready

Update your UPVC windows & doors

One of the biggest changes to your property which can add value is UPVC window spraying. The doors and windows on your property are generally one of the most expensive things to change and alter, however, window spraying has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last couple of years. 

Changing the colour of your windows to a more fashionable colour such as Anthracite Grey or darker shades of grey is ‘on trend’ at the moment. A study by Genesis Collection found that in some cases changing the colour of your UPVC windows can add £61,000 to the value of your home!

summer ready

Add a garden room

Garden rooms are less costly than extensions or conservatories as they rarely require planning permission and are not attached to your home. There are plenty of companies to choose from, especially since they’ve become extremely popular since the coronavirus pandemic. That being said, make sure you do your research: find a reputable company that specialises in these buildings, has plenty of good reviews and a physical place to visit (example). Don’t be shy to ask to see a garden room in situ built for a previous customer. Do your due diligence.

Garden buildings can be used in a variety of different ways, from a home office to a garden bar perfect for the BBQ season! If you don’t want to add a garden room, you could consider a summer house or gazebo. These can be used for entertaining guests or as an extra seating area. 

summer ready

Update existing patio & seating areas

The patio or seating areas of gardens are also an area where quick improvements can be made. Patio cleaning for example is easy to do yourself with a pressure washer and will greatly improve the look of your garden, freshening it up ready for summer. Once cleaned you could consider a weather sealant to prevent moss and lichen growing again. This will reduce the need for cleaning in coming years.

summer ready

Think about a low maintenance garden

Having a low-maintenance garden can help add value to your property should you wish to sell it. Things such as replacing your lawn with artificial grass will help minimise the maintenance required because they don’t require cutting. Being clever with the plants you select for your planters is another good idea to reduce the maintenance required. Depending on the colours you want to include in your garden here is a useful list of low-maintenance plants for your garden.

summer ready

Get your garden furniture ready for summer

The furniture in your garden is a vital element to turn it into the ideal space for entertaining during the summer months. As we all start to spend more time outdoors having somewhere comfy to sit is vital. Garden sofas, rattan sets and fire pits can all make the garden a much more comfortable place to sit and relax.

General weeding & plants

Over the winter months, weeds tend to stay dormant, waiting for spring when temperatures improve, then BOOM, they seem to come alive, sprouting from any nook and cranny possible. Weeds grow quickly so staying on top of weeding is a must. Keeping the weed growth to a minimum can be a chore but it will certainly make your garden and outdoor spaces much more appealing.

If you have any flowerbeds, now is a good time to start preparing them for the warmer months ahead. You can start by adding some fresh mulch to the beds, this will help suppress weed growth and also help the soil retain moisture.

summer ready

It’s also a good idea to start pruning any shrubs and bushes that need it, this will promote new growth and make the plants look neater. If you have any climbers or vines, now is a good time to start training them so they grow in the direction you want them to.

Finally, give your garden a good clean-up, getting rid of any leaves and debris that have built up over the winter months. This will make the garden look much neater and more presentable.

Give outside spaces a lick of paint

Painting your decking, fences, and garden walls can be a laborious task, but doing these jobs now whilst the weather is improving is better than doing them when the weather is hot. Exterior painting is often done every couple of years and is one of the largest jobs to do whilst maintaining your outdoor spaces and exterior of your property.

summer ready

Think about exterior lighting

Even though the hours of daylight and temperatures are improving, the summer evenings are still warm even after the sun goes down. Prolong the time you can spend outdoors by adding exterior lighting to your property. They could be in the form of wall lights, decking lights, or garden spike lights and each will greatly improve the atmosphere in your gardens. If you are considering exterior lighting it is a good idea to find solar-powered lighting, especially following the recent UK electricity price hikes!

summer ready

This is a collaborative post.

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