One in five. That’s how many families in the UK live in rented accommodation if estate agents are to be believed – and until quite recently we were one of them.

Anyone who’s ever rented for any length of time knows making your house really feel like home can be tricky, especially if there are rules that stop you from decorating or changing the colour schemes.


We lived in a total of six rented flats before we were in a position to buy, and if there’s one thing I learnt it’s that there’s actually quite a lot you can do to make a rented property feel like home without jeopardising your deposit.

So, in this collaborative post here are five easy and simple ways you can make a rented property feel like home.

5 easy ways to make a rented property feel like home

1. Don’t use nails

Lots of landlords don’t allow their tenants to hammer nails into the walls so they can hang artwork or photographs, which can be frustrating. Instead of hammering into the walls, consider using adhesive tape or even adhesive hooks that can be removed from the wall without leaving a mess behind. That way, you’re less likely to have your deposit revoked for causing ‘wall damage’. Check out Custtom for photo collage prints and lots more.


2. Create a small feature wall

Hanging wallpaper is a skill and your landlord might not let you make such big changes to their property. However, you may be permitted to paint a small wall (such as a chimney breast or area above your bed) to create a small feature wall. If permitted, this is a great opportunity to add a little touch of your own personality to your rented home. Bright colours, pastels, stencils – you could decorate it any way you like!


3. Add rugs

Carpet looking a little tired and worn? It’s often the way with rented accommodation but luckily there are ways you can brighten up your flooring and make your home feel more like yours. Adding some rugs, runners and additional floor coverings in all kinds of shapes, styles and materials will allow you to put your own personality into your home. Plus they help keep the heat in.


4. Bring in some life

Magnolia walls and dull carpets can make a room feel incredibly lifeless. Add a touch of colour and life into your rooms by introducing some houseplants. They come in all shapes and sizes, they look great, purify the air and can even reduce your stress levels. You can even dress them up in gorgeous planters that complement your other interior design choices.


5. Add colour

If the palette of your rented property is grey, magnolia and generally pretty dull, don’t worry. Simply brighten things up with a pop of colour instead. Brightly coloured cushions and chairs, patterned throws and blankets, brightly coloured decorations and home accessories are all you need to make your home feel more like yours.


Do you rent and do you have any top tips for making a rented property feel like home? I’d love to know what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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