Do you ever worry what your kids will remember when they’re grown-ups and look back on their childhood?

It’s something I think about a lot, especially at this time of year with Christmas around the corner and a new year on the horizon.

happy memories

It can be so easy to get swept up in the present buying and the outings and the fairs and forget the real meaning of Christmas, something that was really brought home to me in a post I saw on social media recently.

Someone had pointed out that they couldn’t remember what they got for Christmas when they were five, seven or even nine, but what they did remember was the smell of Christmas dinner cooking in the family kitchen and the sound of the fire crackling in the grate. Which really made me think.

Things like Christmas and birthdays and holidays aren’t about how much we spend, but about the little things that create happy memories and last a lifetime. So, how can we make sure we’re fostering those memories – not just at Christmas but all year round? In this collaborative post here are 5 simple ways!

5 simple ways to create happy memories that last a lifetime

1. Print out family photos

How many photos do you have stored on your phone? Hundreds? Thousands? More than that? If you’re anything like me the answer is: lots! Back in the day we had photo albums jam packed with embarrassing baby pictures and childhood birthday parties and photographs – whether taken by an amateur or a professional – are a charming reminder of days gone by. Now is the time to get some updated ones to display in your home – there are plenty of family photographers that mix it up and create fun and natural photos that offer the perfect moment in time.

happy memories

2. Start a family tradition

Many families have traditions, but if you don’t, why not start one! We started Elf on the Shelf for the first time this year and despite what I think (see my first timer’s guide to Elf on the Shelf – hints, tips & how to stay sane!) the kids love it and I know it will become a family tradition. Your tradition could be something small, like cooking your favourite breakfast every Sunday, or something bigger like getting everyone together for a special treat.

happy memories

3. Eat together

They say the family who eats together, stays together and while eating together might resemble something like a chimpanzee’s tea party (or it does in our house anyway!) research shows it’s one of the most important things you can do with your kids. Plus, children who eat regular family dinners also tend to consume more fruits, vegetables, vitamins and micronutrients – and you can’t argue with that!

happy memories

4. Plan a family get-together

There’s nothing like getting your whole family together to create lasting memories. Although in some cases it can be a little stressful, for many, this is the chance to catch up with everyone in a relaxed and social setting. You can go small or big as you wish when planning this type of reunion, or you could also organise a holiday to make it a once in a lifetime trip. This type of get-together means everyone can just leave the daily routine behind for some family time.

happy memories

5. Remember it’s not about how much you spend

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, Easter or something else, creating happy memories isn’t about getting them the latest toy or how much you can spend, but just being there and present and engaged. Put the tech away, put your phone down, play with them and you’ll be well on your way to creating memories that last a lifetime!

happy memories

Do you have any top tips for creating family memories that last a lifetime? I’d love to know what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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