Hands up who thought lockdown would be over by Father’s Day?

I don’t know about you but when Mother’s Day came and went under the coronavirus cloud I kind of thought things would be different come Father’s Day three months later.

Father's Day gift ideas

Although lockdown restrictions are starting to ease there’s no getting away from the fact, like Mothering Sunday, this Father’s Day is taking place under extraordinary circumstances.

Nipping out to find a gift isn’t quite as simple as it used to be, and wrapping and posting it isn’t either.

So, if you’ve left things to the last minute or are in need of some lockdown gift inspiration we’ve teamed up with Sudocrem who asked some dads what they really want this Father’s Day – and their answers may surprise you!

5 last minute lockdown Father’s Day gift ideas

1. Breakfast in bed

One of the things we love doing as a family at the weekend and on special occasions is going out for breakfast, which simply hasn’t been possible in lockdown. We’re not going to let that stop us this Father’s Day though – Misery Guts’s favourites have been added to the Tesco home delivery and will be served up in bed instead!

Father's Day gift ideas

2. A long hot bath with no interruptions

“This year, I’d like a long, deep bath with no interruptions!” says Jamie Beaglehole, who blogs at daddyanddad. “To be honest, in these bonkers times I’ve been spoiled with all this unexpected family time. I already have everything I want right here with me. Except perhaps a bottomless beer?!”

Father's Day gift ideas

3. A video call with family & friends

“Father’s Day this year is definitely going to be different because I will be only seeing two of my five children in person due to the lockdown,” says DIY Daddy Nigel Higgins. “That means there will be no hugs or kisses, but what will make me happy and be the best gift ever is a video call for some virtual hugs and kisses to let me know that I was in their thoughts and hearts on Father’s Day.”

Father's Day gift ideas

4. A personalised tub of Sudocrem

“For me, a personalised gift is always a joy to receive because it means more thought has gone into the whole gift buying process!” says Working Daddy Tom Williams. “They also make great additions to the home in many cases, like a personalised pillow or mug for example. I’d be happy to receive any kind of personalised gift this Father’s Day.”

Father's Day gift ideas

Sudocrem have just launched their new Personalised My Little Sudocrem portal online at https://personalised-sudocrem.com. You choose the name, design, even a gift box and Sudocrem will do the rest! Dad’s Little Sudocrem can be used for a variety of things – whether it’s to soothe dry patches of skin, an annoying spot, shaving irritation, or even dry hands from too much hand sanitiser.

5. Show them you’re thinking about them

“Spending special occasions away from loved ones is difficult but showing that special person you’re thinking about them doesn’t have to be,” says Sudocrem brand manager Alice Bamford. “Picking up the phone or sending a small gift in the post can give someone that lift they’ve been needing and put a smile back on their face.”

Father's Day gift ideas

Do you have any lockdown Father’s Day gift ideas? I’d love to know what they are!

This post was written in collaboration with Sudocrem.

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