Anyone else wondering just how safe parks and playgrounds are going to be after lockdown or is it just me?

Our playground and parks have been sealed off for months now and with paddling pools standing empty and swings not being swung on I can’t help but wonder how safe they’ll be when they finally do reopen.

playground safety tips

Of course it’s down to councils and local authorities to ensure parks and playgrounds are as safe as they can be, but as a parent there’s also lots we can do to make sure a trip to the playground doesn’t end in tears.

So, in this collaborative post here are 5 playground safety tips we can all bear in mind when parks and playgrounds reopen this summer.

5 playground safety tips for parents

1. Do a reccy when you get there

It’s always a good idea to check the area before giving your child free reign. Councils are generally meant to ensure that public spaces are free from any debris that might cause injury, but things can still be missed. It’s best to be overly cautious, otherwise you may end up having to seek a Franklin personal injury lawyer.

playground safety tips

2. Use equipment properly

Playground equipment can get broken, so give it a quick check over before your child climbs onto something. Likewise, it is important to make sure your child knows how to use a piece of equipment properly and safely. Simple instructions such as not climbing up slides, or to always sit down on the swing, can help prevent falls or other forms of injury. This will also make play easier for others at the playground if everyone there follows the same unofficial rules.

playground safety tips

3. Stick to age appropriate parts of the playground

Some areas of the playground may be set out for children of specific ages, so it is best to stick to a section that has age-appropriate equipment. Young children can easily get injured on equipment meant for older children, and older kids run the risk of getting stuck or breaking equipment for smaller, younger kids. While playgrounds are designed for fun and recreation, serious injuries can still occur, especially if the kid’s section of the playground is not properly maintained. This can include uneven surfaces, faulty rides, etc. If such an unfortunate incident does happen, you may be able to sue the playground authority for negligence. In such cases, it is advisable toย obtain the services of an experienced lawyer who can help investigate the circumstances, establish liability, and pursue fair compensation for the injuries sustained by your child or loved one.

playground safety tips

4. Be mindful of surfaces

Remember that different surfaces at the playground can bring about different injuries. This can depend on the material used, or even the weather that day. For example, some surfaces can become slippery when wet, including grass. Others, such as metal slides, can really heat up under direct sunlight, so you might want to avoid these in really hot weather. You could also consider choosing a playground that uses rubber or sand flooring, as these can absorb more of the impact from jumps and falls.

playground safety tips

5. Watch out for broken glass

While playgrounds are meant for younger children, the fact is they’re often frequented by older kids or grown ups after hours. Watch out for smashed bottles which can cause injury, particularly if children fall over or are running around with bare feet. And don’t forget to report any safety concerns to your local council!

playground safety tips

This is a collaborative post.

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