How do you make money blogging? If I had £1 for every time I’ve been asked that question I’d be considerably richer than I am now!

I’m not what you’d call a ‘big hitter’ and blogging isn’t my full time job, but it does generate an income and it’s an income we’d miss as a family if I suddenly closed my laptop and hung up my blogging hat for good.

monetise your blog

People often ask me how I do it and the truth is there are a variety of avenues to go down which collectively work to turn blogging into cash.

Having just celebrated my 7th ‘blogiversary’ how I actually make money blogging is a question that’s reared its head again, so in this collaborative post I’m sharing 5 simple ways I monetise my blog – and you can too.

5 simple ways to monetise your blog

1. Create a media kit

By putting all the vital statistics about you and your blog in one place you’re making it easier for potential clients to get all the information they need in one handy document. Include things like your profile, the amount of traffic your blog generates and the number of social media followers you have, as well as ways you are happy to collaborate with brands. I also include examples of brands we have worked with in the past, and testimonials from those we have collaborated with. Think of it as a CV for your blog.

monetise your blog

2. Familiarise yourself with blogging related hashtags

From #bloggerswanted to #bloggersrequired to #prrequest, there are a variety of hashtags PRs and brands use when they want to work with bloggers. Make time to search for the hashtags on Twitter, and also use them in your own tweets. For example, I have a pinned tweet at the top of my profile letting everyone know I’m available for work and ready to collaborate.

monetise your blog

3. Join blogger specific Facebook groups

There are all sorts of blogger Facebook groups out there depending on your niche, where PRs and business owners regularly post shout outs for bloggers to collaborate with. As a parenting blogger my favourite are UK Influencer Opportunities and Influencer/Blogger Assignments & Opportunities, where I pick up regular assignments throughout the year.

monetise your blog

4. Join blogging networks

Like Facebook groups, there are all sorts of blogging networks you can join to monetise your blog and earn cash. I’ve recently joined Get Blogged, which connects bloggers with brands, businesses and agencies. You can search for opportunities based on your domain authority with paid blogging opportunities starting for bloggers with a domain authority of just 10+. Once you’ve applied for the opportunities you like the look of and are accepted, you’re paid via PayPal on approval of the post by the Get Blogged team. Simple!

monetise your blog

5. Get pitching

Don’t just wait for opportunities to come to you – pitch your own ideas to brands and PRs too. Make sure you’re familiar with the prospective client and their product or service and that you’d be a good fit for each other before getting in touch, and make sure you’re following and engaging with them on social media too. Be clear on the title of post or social media content you’re proposing, and what it will include. And don’t forget to include your media kit!

monetise your blog

Are you a blogger and have you monetised your blog? If you have any other words of wisdom when it comes to making money blogging I’d love to know what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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